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Creative Workshops and [Tsurtsumiya] cafes invite everyone to master classes on March 16 CSI WINERY

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Exciting workshops will help you experience the creative atmosphere , open to new talents, and spend time with the whole lo Mey Sunday.
The program of the day :

1. Decorating pottery marble ( marmorirovanie ).
With this technique you will be able to decorate leather cover , glass vase, wooden products , plastic jewelry, pottery and more.
Even the youngest guests will perfect gift mom or grandmother made ​​by hand !
Cost master class 400r.

2.Decoupage on bags.
Our masters will tell about one of the options decoupage technique -"Decoupage on the fabric with baking".You may choose the picture, plot , and color, and create your designer accessory.
Cost master class 400r.

3 ."Book Publishing"special master class project BOOKSURFING.
Bring your books and participate in this master-class for FREE.
A simple and unusual master class for those who love to invent ! Love your kids !
Master has a set of predefined stamps, vpolnennyh artist that you can use to create their little flip book.
With pictures and initial letters make up your story on this machine and make handmade book that little wizard takes with him !

Come and learn with new kids !

Classes are held from 14.00 to 18.00 in the foyer entrance 2 CSI WINERY ..
PHONE : 782-51-87

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