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"I think there is something missing." Installing Ian Tamkovich.

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We continue to acquaint you with the works presented in the exhibition in the Red Workshop. Installation "Towards a hierarchy" (2012) - is the box without the two walls, in it - the head of Nefertiti (souvenir from Cairo in full size) next rung ladder and complex form podium, a copy of which is in Berlin " original ».

curator Stas Shuripa on website:

« sequence of three objects located at the intersection of several stories with a common storyline. Egypt has a place of birth (the "if" <- ~ 6 ~ -> and the crisis ("now" <- ~ 6 ~ -> power systems, hints at transport and logistics and exposure realities translate perspective of management and control in terms of the interaction between the observer and the observed. up and down the stairs, archaic and modern, assembly /disassembly, show /hide, then what we see /what he sees us, a series of actions and reactions are arranged in a network, surrounded by a cloud of associations. All together - a conceptual statement about the illusory power of images. Or an image of authority? »

The exhibition" It seems there is something missing "will be open until November 5.
The organizers of the project: SRC winery and Gallery 21

more here .

Link to original
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