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Original taken from   sasha_litmanen in Perm
  After leaving the station had a conversation once in Perm with the local drunk gopotoy on 'is there smoke? "Smoke was so no more questions followed. "Hello, Perm!" - We breathe. After going to the bus stop we saw the drunkards on the new design ... stop a couple of days I realized that this picture perfectly describes Perm. City of Culture  Walking on it was very interesting to Perm, a city just inundated with monuments, street-art and other art objects. It can be seen with the naked eye that the city is serious about becoming the cultural capital of Russia. In the city you can find two lines marked on the ground - the red and green. "Green Line" - a pedestrian route along the historic district, uniting about 40 architectural sites, and the "red line" - a romantic trip, which covers the attractions of the city associated with the various love stories. It is very convenient for visiting rights, just go and see. Great idea, realize that could be in Astrakhan. The largest monument in Perm, "Perm Gate ', located not far from the station. He actually built out of logs, the smell around as in a sawmill. Apple: Monument to bear. There are two reasons for the appearance of the monument bear in Perm. First bear the symbol of the edge, and the second decided to realize the fantasy of aliens who think that Russia bears walking down the street.   Immediately after the installation of a bear in 2009 appeared a popular belief, rubbing his nose a bear to make a wish and it will come true. Another interesting monument - "Permyak-salty ears." The fact that the Perm long ago mined salt, salt production in the salt packed up in bags, which dragged the poor men of Perm in his shoulders, thus their ears constantly rubbed against the salt and swell. Hence, this a commonplace phrase. Now for the Street-art. Red Men have arrived in Perm from St. Petersburg in 2010, many local to the appearance of not happy, but, nonetheless, and they are pleasing to the eye, but only from a distance, close, they look just like painted timber. In Perm, a lot of fences, buildings and other dilapidated housing, and all this must be masked. The easiest way to mask the graffiti, this specially brought in from other cities of art, so fences are transformed into art fences.   Graffiti is not really a lot around the city. And some projects are simply amazing with its scope. But the portraits of those who are most grateful, but not very many, for what is happening in Perm, in recent years. Gelman and Artemy Lebedev . And perhaps the most optimistic memorial object. "Happiness is not far off." This is the central waterfront that resembles Astrakhan waterfront five years ago. Throughout the cracked gray pavement, piles of garbage and nearly to the extent of drunken youths. City "real boys» Falling in Perm you get to the show "Real boys." I was amazed at the number patsanchikov per square meter. Most interesting is that the locals themselves agree that they have since the show and nothing is exaggerated. Why are there ordinary citizens! On the official tourism site of the Perm region was poll after the show on television, where the responses it is clear that officials consider too. But as always good people more) A terrible picture appeared before us when we walked along the waterfront. Little girls go-go dancing in a summer cafe. And they were not dancing little girls, so little girls do not dance! Hugh Laurie: That's actually so in front of me and appeared Perm. Perm unique city of contrasts (remember the photo stop at the beginning). On the one hand culture (theaters, festivals, monuments and other art-design) on the other incivility ("real boys"). So of course in any city, but it is expressed in Perm is much stronger. P.S. Separately want to note Perm Theatre "The Bridge" (pronounced as one word with the accent on the O) in 2010 received the "Golden Mask", the highest theatrical award in Russia. This is the only provincial theater in Russia, which received a lot of awards around the world. And, in my opinion, "The Bridge" the main attraction of Perm to attend a mandatory.   P.P.S. Say thanks to Julia Scama for a tour of the Perm.

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