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On the creative responsibility

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Man is born in the image and likeness of God.
It is an axiom for the believers and the sentence for those who do iniquity.
Reason given freedom of expression, and I want to talk about the responsibility of the creative mind of humankind.
Get a distorted view that the essence of creativity - in the discovery and creation of new quality has any value. What kind and what quality?
Create a work that will lift or something that will cause fear and loathing. Unfortunately we forgot about the original meaning of everything. For what it was created?
The meaning of civilization is enclosed in a single phrase: "Be perfect as your heavenly Father."
In art and religion, in principle, a single purpose - to elevate.
"For a long time I'll be the kind people
What I'm feeling good lyre awakening ... "
So new in art I make, only if it is a new spiritual revelation, you closer to God's nature. Everything else - politics and commerce.
Through the word, sound, image creative person has the opportunity to influence the human mind. Unfortunately, only a genius given understanding of their responsibility before God and man for what he is doing, because the "genius and evil - are incompatible."
Responsibility to myself, understanding who you are and why - these are the questions that need to disturb the creative person. Pursuit of pleasure, the unwillingness to think and do what is right - this is the corrosion that eats away at a society from within. Overgorged consumer society, happily going to the slaughterhouse. And this is the whole person? Pathetic, woeful.
I do not condemn those who make their fine craft. But in the first place, do not call it art, and secondly - do not say this as an etalon. No need to implanting young souls on the needle of his perversion, for it is said: "Who seduce even one of these little ones, it is better not to be born."
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