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Fantastically fabulous music

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Anatoly Lyadov (composer) "Дайте me dragon, fairytale, Goblin, give what not! From realism it makes me sick from all human!"

Firm" Мелодия" released a digital album of music written for the fabulous and fantastic stories.

This music takes the listener into a world of dreams and reflects deep-rooted in the last century the attitude to the tale, when she was perceived as a window into another – true – world.

Tales, legends, myths, fiction... why they have always been the most fertile ground for music? Each era has opened the subject по-своему.

the wisdom of the philosopher, fake" громы and lightning" and mischievous imagination of the Joker: this is the Overture to" Волшебной flute" Mozart, combining religious-философскую parable with" детской" a fairy tale...

In the romantic era of music is flooded with" фантастические" plays and symphonies," сказочные" paintings" причудливые образы"...

" Молодыми science fiction" called his alter ego – always" спорящих" in the pages of his own music log and Eusebia Florestan – Robert Schumann. For Schumann, Mendelssohn, Liszt" фантастическое" meant the product of their own imagination – the author"s dreams, dreams, dreams...

a Favorite for Tchaikovsky"s theme of the conflict between man and fate have cast a shadow on fairy tales.

To Glinka, Rimsky-Корсакова, Mussorgsky, Stravinsky and Liadov magic came to life in a colorful, beautiful palette of orchestral scores.

As visible images of a sinister mountain of evil in" Пер Gunte" Grieg, as breathtaking courage" Полета of the Valkyries" Wagner!

no Wonder" Ученик magician" Duke inspired Walt Disney in a cartoon called" Фантазия".

In the twentieth century the attitude towards fantastic changes its appearance and in musical art. For the Impressionists, the symbolists, the outside world is only the visible shell, which is necessary to discern the true, secret meaning of life. Shrouded in mist" ускользающая beauty" moments are fantasy" Послеполуденный stay Faun" Debussy," Ночные ghosts" Ravel, mystical echoes" Колдовской love", the strength of which can revive the dead, in the ballet de Falla, and" Русские tales" Sidelnikov show the sinister side of the fairy world.

listen to the album on YouTube

Fabulous-фантастические works are performed by Yevgeny Mravinsky, Evgeny Svetlanov, Gennady Rozhdestvensky, Dmitry Kitayenko, Alexander Lazarev, Sviatoslav Richter, Yuri Bashmet, Mikhail Pletnev, Daniel Shafran, Nikolai Petrov and other prominent Russian musicians of the twentieth century.

me - beautiful piano piece from" Детского album" A. I. Khachaturian
" Вечерняя tale" performed by the author.


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