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The urban landscape and the movie "Тамбов-провинциальная tale"

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a Bit of history of the founding of the city.

Tambov — city in Russia, administrative, economic and cultural center of the Tambov region. Located in the Central part of the Oka-Донской plains in the channel river CNA 480 km South of Moscow. Railway station South-Восточной railway, from here the lines go for Michurinsk to Moscow, Saratov, and Kamyshin.

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today about the origin of the name of the city of Tambov, there are several versions, each of which has a certain historical, geographical or linguistic basis. However, with full confidence, none of the available versions can not be considered absolutely reliable.

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a Large number of theories about the origin of the name of Tambov, put forward by scientists-лингвисты, related to the languages of the ethnic groups living on the territory of the modern Tambov. One of the first Tambov ethnographers, the Chairman of the Tambov scientific archival Commission I. I. Dubasov at the end of the XIX century put forward the folk etymology of the city name

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Tambov from the phrase" там was a battle", citing as argument a troubled and often violent nature of life in Tambov the first settlers. According to another folk etymology, after his many and unsuccessful attacks on the fortress the nomads departing from its walls said:" Там God!".

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With time, this phrase was transformed into the current word" Тамбов". Tambov was founded on April 17, 1636 sovereign"s Stolnik and Voevoda by shack Novel by Boborykina as the reference point of the Muscovite state in the area of the Wild fields. To Tambov chose a hill at the confluence of the Tsna and Studenets. Nature itself has taken care to protect it from enemy attack. The fortress of Tambov consisted of a jail and the city (Kremlin).

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the walls of the fortress were cut from oak in two linked series with excavation backfilling and reinforced guard towers. The height of the walls reached 6 meters. On the southern side the fortress was protected by a deep ditch, which goes ends to the Tsna and Studenets. It was filled with water. The fortress was occupied by the garrison, numbering over 1,000 men. A number of fortresses and fortifications was intended to protect the southern borders of the state from the raids of Crimean Tatars and Nogais. The construction of fortified features demanded huge efforts from a few of the local population, but the spending was not in vain. Tatar raids were put a reliable barrier.

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Meanwhile, under the protection of the colonization of the fortress. The peasants were attracted to this region fertile land and the opportunity to escape from the landlords. But following the peasants in the Tambov land came and feudal lords. At the end of the XVII century Tambov became one of the collection points of the Russian regiments that took part in the Azov campaigns. The failure of the first Azov campaign on forced Peter I to take measures for the rapid construction of the Russian military-морского fleet. It took the working power of the Tambov peasants for felling. Tambov wood became the basis of the first Russian fleet. In the first half of the eighteenth century still existed the threat of raids from the steppes of the Lower Volga region and the Kuban region. At the turn of the century was opened a soldiers " garrison school — the first educational institution Tambov.

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In 1738 were rebuilt Tambov fortress after a fire destroyed the old one. But it is not required. Gone the time, when the Tambov peasants worked under protection of the fortresses and guard. 7 Nov 1775 Catherine II signed the law" Учреждения to manage the provinces", according to which the size of the provinces was reduced, their number doubled, eliminated the province. In the course of the reform in the summer of 1779 in the southern parts of the Ryazan and Voronezh of the Northern parts of the Viceroyalty was established in Tambov governorship. Tambov became the center of governorship. After the city received the status of administrative center of the province, he began to rebuild.

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the Capital"s architects drew up a plan of Tambov. This plan saw the construction of several large buildings, one of them was built Seating yard. At the same time taken and other measures prompted by the new value of the city and the spirit of the times. In December 1785 the Governor of the Tambov vicegerency was assigned to Gavriil Derzhavin. He is extremely interested in the problem of navigation on the CNA and idea to make it navigable to Tambov.

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Derzhavin hoped to improve trade Tambov goods and to facilitate the delivery to Tambov firewood and timber, in which the city experienced great disadvantage. In 1786 was revealed to the public school, and then, a year later, some County towns of Tambov province was opened six small public schools.

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In 1796, after the reign of Paul I, Tambov Viceroyalty was renamed the province. Since the beginning of the XIX century Tambov province was one of the main granaries of the Russian Empire; significant amount of Tambov grain fell for the border. On the Tenth and the Kazan fair in Tambov imported a variety of products; the whole Central part of town for a few days turned into a solid market. During the Patriotic war of 1812 by means of the local population was formed and armed a militia of 12 thousand people — chief of the militia were elected retired Admiral F. F. Ushakov, but he couldn"t lead him out-за disease. Admiral donated his equipment a large amount of — 500 rubles.

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When the enemy approached to Moscow, Tambov began arriving refugees from the suburban cities. Here it received large quantities of captured enemy soldiers and officers. In 1824 in Tambov appeared first gymnasium; in December 1833 opened a public library. The first bridge appeared in Tambov in 1825. For water supply in 1839, was organized in 8 wells. Six buildings belonged to the provincial city and the public: stone cadet corps on the banks of Studenets; wooden house of the noble Assembly; stone house urban society; wooden house craft Council; Aleksandrinsky Institute of noble [email protected] semicolon house public library.

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due to the order of public contempt in Tambov there was an office gymnasium, located in a stone house, donated by the merchant Suvorov; the College for kids office Ministers; hospital; hospice; the house insane. In Tambov were two monasteries — women"s and men"s ascension Kazan. There were churches: the Cathedral of the Spaso-Преображенский Cathedral; Trinity Church etc.

Film" Тамбов provincial сказка".

Text from Wikipedia.

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