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Valentin Z. Purygin 1926-2002

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Born in the village Osinovka Saratov region into a peasant family in 1931, the family moved to Samara. First lessons in drawing and painting in a studio he got old Samara artists GP Podbelskogo and PA Krasnov. From 1939 to 1944 he studied at the Moscow Art School and in 1950 graduated from the Moscow Art Institute. VI Surikov, where he worked in the studio of the famous Soviet artist GG Ryazhsky. In Samara (then Kuibyshev) Purygin back in 1951. Together with GV Filatov, IE Komissarov, AA Kulakowski, YI Filippov and other young artists, he enthusiastically researched characteristic motifs of the Volga, Volga, Lada, but not least a place in their activities in this period took the theme of the transformation of nature, building a new life - a new city, invading his space in the suburbs, "natural" nature. In the 60 years Purygin enjoys French Post-Impressionists, Seurat and Signac pointillism, did so in order to "raise the color," seeking a new expression of the picturesque (landscapes Gurzuf and Sudak). Creativity Purygin who found their own, unique path, was a notable event in the regional, zonal, national exhibitions. In 1971-1972, in Kuibyshev and Moscow held solo exhibitions of the artist. But later in the fate Purygin outlines seemingly fundamental changes: in 1973 he made an attempt to leave his native Samara "soil", moved to the suburbs (Zagorsk), and then in Moscow. But then his life as it splits between Moscow and Kuibyshev, with whom the artist has been inextricably linked. And in 1979, he finally returned to the banks of the Volga. In his creativity, substantial, qualitative changes - to the forefront of rebellion theme of "wild", "natural" nature vs. civilization. The artist brings to his canvas series colorful, grotesque characters pagan pantheon, personifying the forces of nature - a god Yarila, goblins, mermaids ... parallel increases topic madness of civilization, the coming of Armageddon. Enraged Volga comes to town, Samara familiar reality in the eyes of the viewer sink to the bottom. More and more to the forefront of global thinking about the fate of the world, overwhelmed by evil. In 1991, the Samara Art Museum, and two years in Moscow, in the House of Artists held personal exhibitions Purygin, get more publicity. It would seem to come - new creative perspective ... But the inner barometer Masters continued to show a "storm." The last decade of his life is the situation of the limit of drama, all the world's faults continue to pass through his mind, the end result - the cataclysm. The artist died on 29 October 2002. The artistic heritage of the Master, is one of the most outstanding cultural values ​​of Samara, do not lose their value and on the background of the Russian art of the twentieth century, awaits further study.
where he studied
Moscow Art School
Moscow Institute of Fine Arts named after Surikov
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