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Soul of Things

Запись от Анатолий Брусиловский размещена 17.03.2013 в 21:13


Kong pleases a visiting traveler rapid movement to progress. In just a few years of absence, he has changed beyond recognition. Skyscrapers are growing by leaps and bounds and the change of power from the colonial to the continent , it seems things have gone even faster. Guess that this is the same communist Chinese, recently called to deal with the West, calling him a "paper tiger " - impossible! In its quest for change , they were much quicker and more radical than their kogdatoshnie idols - Kremlin dreamers ...
But here, not without kinks. The charm of the local nature , plus tropical mountains and colonial architecture - completely drowned in the "city of the yellow devil !" International banks from around the world gathered for the patch at the warm sea - where a swim and sunbathe ! Can you imagine such a Yalta say ...?

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