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Alexei Smirnov

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Original taken from alexvadim to Alexey Smirnov
nepominayuschih procession around the Kremlin

Topics collapse of the Russian Orthodox Church , stretched out on the entire twentieth century , and have been discussed in Praying Velichko and Kiselevskaya circle , especially authoritatively on the subject , Frank Kartavtsev declaim that the example of the Russian Revolution very consistently criticized our slavjanofilstvo , dissected his courtiers and German roots .
They believed that Russia was murdered , mostly , due to internal reasons. To death outside her pushed Kaiser's Germany . Jewish leftist intellectuals have played in the deaths of Russian secondary role. They were not the root cause , but an instrument of evil. Jews in Russia was numerically small ... But , then , we need Russian were very worst representatives want Jews like Parvus and Trotsky. Trotsky Russian were on hand , as Napoleon after Austerlitz . Much is written about the role of Russian affairs in the world behind the scenes , but little is written about backstage Russian spiritual diseases , and it is in them - the main evil . The trouble came not from Berlin and America , and hence , from ourselves. Hearth internal medicine for a long time is ripe in Moscow and Petrograd . Petrovsky- end to the crisis of the Romanov monarchy occurred in 1917 .
Son of governor , bibliographer and heraldry , thoroughly explore the history of noble families of Russia , Frank returned to Moscow , was the most erudite man in genealogy . To him, even addressed Iniurcolleguia on controversial legacies . He established the rights of the Russian nobility Chomutov inheritance of English aristocrats Hamilton , whose ancestors stopped in here and got a Russian slave name .
Origins Slavophiles , by Frank's views were in German romanticism and German idealist philosophy . Living Christianity , Orthodox living doing somehow bypassed our Slavophiles. They wanted oslavyanit St. Petersburg monarchy and draw it into the Balkan crises and the liberation of Constantinople. After racial revolution of 1917 , and that this revolution is racial , during which the highest elite Russian pasa ( patricians and priests ) were exterminated Russian lower race ( plebs and slaves ) , no one in our environment no doubt . Analogy with Rome and the Vatican were on everyone's lips - the barbarians took the third Rome , red Vandals , Huns destroyed the Orthodox empire . In his last visit to Moscow patient unit talked about Hun essence of Bolshevism. This , according to Kovalenskogo , came into use . Involuntarily recall the words Gumilev said Odoyevtseva Visigoth nature of Bolshevism and the words white General Pokrovsky of Scythian -Sarmatian organization Taman red army, which he wanted to resist and close her way .
From this position is somewhat different view and the recent history of our church. Now there is a simplified view of the Catacomb Church and us nepominayuschih : people have not accepted the Declaration of Metropolitan Sergius and went underground . Of course, we have not taken any Renovationism nor Sergianism - a new form of Renovationism . But our intellectual- noble underground community revised and the whole experience of the Synod of the Church , which led her to surrender to Bolshevism .
A very large number of the Synod clergy rocked and Renovators , and Sergianists . Their fate was awful too - the KGB seized by external signs , for the cross and beard , without distinguishing what orientation caught . Our fathers and grandfathers knew his catacomb mission as a return to genuine donikonianskomu Orthodoxy , rejecting nationalization of the Church in the synodal period . Conducted a direct analogy with the times of Vespasian , the era of the Tatar yoke and persecution of believers in the Jacobin terror . About remembered Jacobins and the Bolsheviks themselves , hanging in the altars of churches closed portraits bloody dogs France - Marat and Robespierre. Then not only children, but also dogs called Maratika .
All in their twenties seemed to forget about the synodal period of a holy and just remember some of the saints , especially Seraphim of Sarov, and the sighing of the times when they were free to open temples and monasteries. Old provincial and peasant Russia was entirely sacred country , in Russia there was almost no secular , separate from the Church , culture, and therefore the destruction of ninety percent of the churches led to a complete deterioration of nations . The same thing happened in Mongolia Sukhbaatar , where he was deprived of a millennial culture of nomads , melted the bullets of their Buddhas and burn books and manuscripts
Russia was also ikonoveriya country and defeating temples, people deprived of abstract belief , grounded on art and music. In those years, members of our communities mentally turned to the Time of Troubles era to Oprichnina Ivan the Terrible to Sergius of Radonezh and his disciples and followers . In conditions of extreme persecution is not numerically very large nepominayuschee catacombists movement back to the purity of the primary sources of our genuine Byzantine faith .
Interestingly, even in modern Sergianist restored temples , trying to recreate the aesthetics are not the post-Petrine period, and the interiors of XV-XVI centuries. In today's far-right political movements too great craving for dosinodalnoy archaic , they gravitate to the Old Believers , to different branches catacomb , which they called " medieval forms of Orthodoxy ." There is a clear general disillusionment synodical period of the Russian Church . And against this disappointment Sergianists attempts to return to the external pomp synodal state church look ridiculous and out of time . Bolshevik actually pseudo- church Alexei Ridiger changes on psevdopravoslavie bewitching former Soviet slaves solemn ceremonies. Repainted in the Democratic Communists very far he lost Russian imperial bureaucracy , which for all its faults , were sincerely religious people , and did not suffer a split personality , as the former obkomovtsy who can not properly baptized.
Russian Church Abroad has a vast experience of survival in an alien environment of Orthodoxy , but they have no experience of persecution of Orthodoxy , which survived the catacomb . We all came zarubezhnikov simpler lived in pre-revolutionary Russia , lost everything in it , then helped white , then boarded the ship and were in the Balkans. My close relative N. Abrams , along with Professor Verkhovsky , was secretary of the Stavropol Cathedral at atamans Filimonov , also a former half Abramov. The appeal of this Council were expressed thoughts about giving the fight against the Bolsheviks religious nature , and Epistle of the Council proclaimed the idea that military leaders should set up on crosses and banners to encourage the troops to fight for the Persecuted Church and the Holy salvation crucified Russian revolution .
Unfortunately , this appeal was not supported by members of the cathedral , and Archpriest Vostokov principal author appeals, remained in the minority . Not declaring a holy war against godless Bolshevism , white , of course, lost. Yes, and the Patriarch Tikhon and his entourage were not Hermogenes and were vague and fuzzy line , for which he paid with his life .
And Stroganov and Kiselevskaya chapel had copies of the transcripts of the meetings of the Councils and the Church as a territory of the White South, so White and Siberia. I even saw a church Harbin documentation. Someone brought someone reached out and risked his life though . Apparently , did the engineers who in the thirties traveled abroad : to gain experience at European plants . In our family , too, was a engineer from hussar cornets , made ​​a career under the Bolsheviks , and pleased with Tupolev Kazan in prison " sharashka ." I was young at one time fond of symbolism and Russian writers and historians of the church , which sheltered the Metropolitan Eulogius in Paris. These interests are not encouraged as decadent and depressive - Westernist . Already " quietest " Alexei Mikhailovich criticized for hidden Westernism for overclocking Zemsky Sobor , for your confidence in Nikon. Said that abolishing the Zemsky Sobor , Alexis pull up the roots of his dynasty that inertia stood three hundred years , and fell like a withered tree , not fueled by popular juices. Petrine reforms considered as a cancer on the tree of Russian statehood .
All this is vividly discussed in the early sixties. Here are just a youth was not enough - a few girls , then unsuccessfully married , and two or three young people who have chosen yourself Soviet career and even then caught red Patriarchate. Question of generational change in the communities was very complicated. The gradual erosion of the whole person .
Most strong in faith and rejection of the Soviet system were elderly. Their children , our fathers are forced to live and work in conditions of Bolshevism , involuntarily assimilated elements Bolshevik stereotypes and the end of life to some extent spiritually broken and reborn . Generation born in the years 1908-1910 , and it was the second generation nepominayuschih somewhere to mid forties kept themselves spiritually , and after the war, they all broke .
But people born at the turn of that century and were spiritually young and vigorous in his eighties . Same Militina G., Ilya Mikhailovich and Valerian V. were much younger than the next generation . They were cheerful and even gay old age, they are often laughing , joking , saying that the worst is behind us and that Bolshevism now izdohnet himself like a wounded animal . A mortally wounded his other servant of the Antichrist - Hitler peremolovshy most aggressive red frames .
These ideological characteristics of persons who participated in the Moscow Patriarchate and the spiritual confrontation red Kremlin , I set out in connection with the fact that I want to explain the background only in those years of open and public the act of civil disobedience and ecclesiastical regime mustachioed satanic antichrist in his nest - in Red Square near the Kremlin .
in the forty-first , when the Germans approached Moscow , a meeting was held at the Stroganov nepominayuschih laity and clergy of Moscow and cities adjacent to Moscow. The theme of the meeting was related to the opportunity to take the city by the Germans. One part of the laity and clergy have a positive attitude to the capture of Moscow by the Germans , the other - in the negative. Won Russophile and patriotic line that supports and Stroganov .
Essence of this line was that the present-day Germans - it's not those Germans with whom we fought in the fourteenth year . Those Germans were much more decent , not as much as Russian , but comply with the officer's honor code . These Germans also scored a lot of parts of its punitive offended by Russian Chukhnov : Finns, Estonians , Latvians, - and we have to know the revolution , people were executioners Peters and Vatsetis so good from Chukhnov not wait. From the occupied areas reported misconduct Germans about the atrocities and looting of the population. Although there are a massive revival of Orthodoxy in the liberated lands from the Bolsheviks , but the Germans , however , do not want to contribute to Russian self .
At this meeting , where he was my father, and Kiseleva , and many others , was to ten clergy of Alexandrov , Serpukhov , Vyaznikov, Dmitrov near Moscow and other cities , where still existed catacomb communities . Nepominayuschih tactic , since the raids and arrests was: priests must live in suburban cities , members of the cottages northern communities to lead a life of illiterate watchmen , gardeners , the mentally ill , pretend deaf , and only time to come and serve in Moscow house churches .
it is interesting that all the participants felt the historical successor of Russian Orthodoxy , responsible for the fate of the motherland. By surviving historical legends to save Moscow from the invasion of strange , I had to walk in procession around the Kremlin .
On Stroganov meeting decided to make this mystical action and save the city . Different speakers said: " Orthodox Moscow ruined Bolsheviks , most of the churches demolished and devastated , but many , including the Kremlin and a half of the Kremlin cathedrals and tombs of kings, preserved, and there are individual believers Russian people . If the city will be handed over to the Germans , the remains will be desecrated shrines to the end and people will suffer . We all remember how the French horses were kept in the stripped altars and icons, repeat the same. We will pray and save the remnants of the old Orthodox Moscow and Russia and not the Bolshevik Moscow Kremlin and Red ».
Has been worked out and tactics conceived action. One friend Stroganov , trusted Kremlin and Lubyanka doctor undertook to settle the matter with the " authorities ." He said that believers want to make a procession around the Kremlin , and it will save both Moscow and Comrade Stalin personally . Stalin in those days was in a panic , his accomplices bandits - he then said : "We prosrali state bequeathed to us by Lenin . We must put up with Hitler on any terms . " As you know, Beria went through their Bulgarian channels on contact with the leadership of the Reich on the conditions of the "second Brest " , but Hitler rejected the offer , hoping for a quick victory . It turned out , however, different. Do Stroganov and through the Union of Russian officers , and through others, including , and medical communities , had its people in the Lubyanka , this Moscow Alexander Platz , where the clock burned sleepless windows and where no rest break threshed testimony. And my father , and his friend Daniel Andreev constantly looked at these sparkling squares to hell .
Given the confusion of red Kremlin nepominayuschim was allowed to hold the procession , but not more than thirty people , and that all the men were older than sixty years and, of course , without weapons . Cross, chalice and the Gospel were to be covered with rags , and was told to go silently . Collection was named in the Alexander Garden at Borovitsky gate at a certain time . Terms were accepted .
We selected twenty-four men , who had no dependents and small children, and six already sitting clerics who are not in hiding. According Kiseleva , were three priests , two monks and Archimandrite , who later became a bishop somewhere in Siberia and was arrested there . All participants of the procession before the action of confession and communion , as before his death . Chanted prayers and very carefully prepared under the guidance of former White officer . He was hiding under a false name and pretended to be a Jew , and learned Hebrew words , and spoke with an accent , helping himself with his hands .
All participants must have emerged from different sides and at the end of a run , so the officer taught the "sheep" as he said the conspiracy. Kiseleva laughed , remembering his instructions, he spoke thus : "I used to go through the red , like a knife through butter ." So it was done ,
At certain times appeared six priests , twenty-four laymen ( most women ) , got a cup , cross, Gospel , icons, covered them with scarves , lined by two , and people moved around the Kremlin counterclockwise. Alexander Garden was closed , but this time it was opened at Borovitsky gate, and plainclothes agents walked around them like wolves around the herd .
Earlier, before the revolution , made ​​a procession from the Kremlin through the Spassky Gate on the Entry into Jerusalem . In ancient Russia Patriarch went to tamed donkey ( on an ass ) , who was being held in the Izmailovo royal menagerie . Now the Kremlin itself comrades turned into a zoo .
Procession nepominayuschih walked along the Moscow River. Ahead with a stick , was adjuster. When they began to turn to the Red Square , the agents for those participants who carried small analoynye icons, handed shovels and motioned them to carry them on his shoulder. Talking agents have apparently prohibited. Kiselyov said that these shovels - a symbol , they felt that they ( the Communists ) ever True Orthodox bury .
Participants progress was decided in advance , when they get to the Lenin Mausoleum , is violating the ban , softly sing : " let God arise , let his scattered at once ." That was, to the dismay of agents executed. Move along the adjuster turned to the Historical Museum Arsenal tower on the outer fence of the Alexander Garden .
So reached Borovitskaya tower put shovels, hidden icons, vessels and cross string bags and fled in different directions "like bugs from light light bulb " , according to the officer - director of this action . And driving home all complicated routing , but the "tails" for a nobody noticed. Anyone , including priests , was not arrested . Actually it was a moral capitulation regime before catacomb Orthodoxy. Doctor- handed mediator Stroganov that all participants were silent before his death , and that all the families caught and expelled . And he added: " Your people are very bold .

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