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Magazines and summarize selected major art events in 2013 . Remembering the exhibition in the gallery 11.12 " Playmates " Basil Slonova and do not forget that the exhibition " Out of Sight " in the shop red opened until January 26 ! " Out of Sight " is a unique project - presented work focused on all the ways of perception: touch, charm the ear. All objects can be touched , it creates a completely different feeling of belonging. At the same time, they are relevant , and from a visual standpoint . Collection monastery Admont first exhibit abroad and is a collection of Austrian artists . Just took part in the exhibition Russian artists Yuri Albert and Anna Jermolaewa . Objects allow powerful reveal all the senses and perceive ideas creators at a new level . About the other projects of the outgoing year http://www.sgmg.ru/?p=43671
About http://winzavod.ru/events/?id=1129

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