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About the new novel by Alexander Brener

Запись от ART4.RU размещена 06.04.2019 в 00:03

I am pleased to read a new autobiographical novel Brener "Кан-кун".
Бренер your talking about quite a rich and meaningful experience skvottery praises Director Arthur Aristakisyan, complains that wishes she looked him famous "Ладони" on time. Along the way, criticising what he considers to be the establishment: Pussy Riot calls "молодежной a gerontocracy", artist Pavlensky scolds that despite the apparent efficacy remains conventional, too comfortable wpisanym in mediapolitical machine. Writer Sorokin scolds that he is correct, but dull schemes thinks and therefore lifeless. About the poet P. Arsen"eva, too, that-то bad said. well another one-то may simultaneously warmed, but I forgot already. So probably the correct synopsis brunarski stories be: one of your colleagues and buddies, the writer has utoptala this time.
But in General the book for Brener"s surprisingly calm and complacent. For example there is a scene describing a meeting with a mother that for a world that Brener creates its literature, it is hardly not surprising. Almost flirting with the monster with tears in eyes.
Funny moment. Brener recently via e-mail played my buddy Igor Shuklin, saying that in this book, little is written about him. Igor asked me to find, I was in-то and read, but found nothing, apparently it was not what-то specific, but about the philosophical idea of the book @- chanting of withdrawal from society into a squat and beyond. I will not sport with Brenner, it is good if these ideas will begin to be perceived as their own. See this is what he demanded from Igor as the reader.
the Book ends quite formal, but sometimes even graceful poetic experiments on the subject of care, as I have already noted, Central to the story "Кан-Кун".
Книга good, worth reading. The thoughts expressed there are correct, the situation described interesting.

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