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Stein-ам-Рейн. Part 1.

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Small and one of the most beautiful Swiss towns Stein-ам-Рейн located on the picturesque banks of the Rhine river, 13 km from lake Constance.

4878453_sh_568 (700x525, 251Kb)

the Town is quite small, it is home to just over four thousand people.

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Distance from Zurich is 56 kilometers. the Town is on the border with Germany, in the place where the Rhine makes a sharp turn to the South.

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Its location has played a trick on him in February 1945.

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Switzerland during the war kept neutral, its territory was not attacked.

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But allies-варвары of America poorly taught geography in school. Their planes missed and accidentally bombed the Swiss town. Town was caused a lot of damage.After the war the residents had a lot to recover. The Americans, incidentally, has allocated the money.

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- we will go to the city via tower-ворота Untertor ("Нижние gate").

4878453_sh_386 (700x525, 278Kb)

the Gate was built in 1367.

4878453_sh_567 (700x525, 265Kb)

During the bombing was destroyed, then restored.

4878453_sh_562 (700x525, 273Kb)

the Gate was part of the city wall.

4878453_sh_563 (700x525, 182Kb)

Old clock mechanism on the tower was replaced in 1908 new.

4878453_sh_405 (700x525, 295Kb)

We are on the main street of the old town, it is called Unterstadt.

4878453_sh_553 (700x525, 246Kb)

I Suggest you it to walk.

4878453_sh_406 (700x525, 286Kb)

starts Here starts a string of intricate houses.

4878453_sh_408 (700x525, 256Kb)

the City is famous for its original medieval city centre with cobbled streets.

4878453_sh_407 (700x525, 222Kb)

Stein-ам-Рейн is a great example of the skill of the restorers: many sites have been seriously damaged by bombing in world war II and literally rose from the ashes.

4878453_sh_555 (700x525, 262Kb)

a City of amazing diversity and beauty of the façade.

4878453_sh_551 (700x525, 298Kb)

It was founded during the Roman Empire, but became very popular in the XI century, when Emperor Henry II laid the Benedictine monastery of SV. George.

4878453_sh_552 (700x525, 320Kb)

most of the buildings in the city @- this XVI century house, decorated with narrative frescoes, numerous Bay Windows, mascarons and other decorations.

4878453_sh_396 (700x525, 272Kb)

You will see them again the following topics.

4878453_sh_397 (700x525, 244Kb)

the Original wrought-iron signs.

4878453_sh_399 (700x525, 292Kb)

And it"s probably dormant stone guard house.

4878453_sh_400 (700x525, 342Kb)

4878453_sh_403 (700x525, 305Kb)

Left @- zum Lindwurm Museum, the entrance to which is guarded by bronze dog.

4878453_sh_404 (700x525, 295Kb)

This Museum is dedicated to the bourgeois way of life and agriculture of the nineteenth century.

4878453_sh_556 (700x525, 350Kb)

In it, you come face to face with the everyday life of the last century.

4878453_sh_557 (700x525, 285Kb)

inside the Museum We did not go.

4878453_sh_559 (700x525, 252Kb)

to be Continued. All photos own.

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