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The Grotto Of Buontalenti. Florence, XVI century. Amazing place!

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The Grotto Of Buontalenti. Florence, XVI century. Amazing place!


...amazing and creepy.
the Grotto of Buontalenti – this is a unique collaboration of mastery of nature-mother and diligent efforts of sculptors. The cave, which is located on the rear of the Pitti Palace, started improving in the period from 1583 to 1593 year. The customer was Francesco I de " Medici.

Grotto was created to address the problem of combining sites, which are situated at different levels, as the courtyard is lower than located behind the amphitheater. The entrance to the grotto of Buontalenti, in addition to artificial stalactites and stalagmites also contains copies of" Slave" by Michelangelo. Inside is the secret passage to the Ponte Vecchio, which was used during the war.

Cave is a masterpiece of building craftsmanship, and a culture of mannerism, which has created a special blend of architecture, painting and sculpture. Already at the very entrance to the cave on both sides of the doorway there is a variety of niches, with standing there with statues of Ceres and Apollo.

Saw a figure with his head thrown back?

3 human figures and goats sheep in the foreground.

Sitting the elder, allegory of the river, rests on the jug.

Michelangelesque slave.


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