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Old Masters in Volkhonka Fine Arts Centre ....

Posted 08-12-2010 at 19:10 by Евгений
Updated 18-03-2011 at 06:42 by Евгений

New Antique Center opened in Moscow May 19, 2009 in the museum quarter of Moscow near State Museum of Fine Arts. Pushkin.

For the first time for collectors and lovers of antiques, architects and decorators in the heart of Moscow in an area of ​​2000 square meters of high quality antiques presented by the leading galleries of France (Michel-Guy Chadelaud, Andrée Macé, Camille Burgi, La Pendulerie) and Italy (Cesare Lampronti , Canelli, Romigioli, Bartolozzi, Carlucci, Raffaele Verolino, Enrico Armentani).

The design center was done by renowned architectural firm of Il Centro Nuovo. The interior Volkhonka Fine Arts Centre successfully combines modern design and works of the masters XVII and XVIII centuries, presented in the exhibition. This contrast brings the era and convinces the audience that the old masters are in perfect harmony with modernity.

Volkhonka Fine Arts Centre in conjunction with the All-Russian Museum of Decorative-Applied and Folk Art offers the discerning public in a permanent exhibition center solely copyrights, signature work: furniture, sculpture, decorative art, clocks, rugs, tapestries, paintings and graphics by European masters from XVII to the beginning of XX century. For all works have expert opinions of experts and Rosokhrankultura.

Exposition Volkhonka Fine Arts Centre http://www.volkhonkafineart.com/catalog/
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  1. Old Comment
    Евгений's Avatar

    At Volkhonka opens a new antiques center

    Discussion at the forum ..
    Originally Posted by Eugene View Post
    At Volkhonka opens a new antiques center, promising a revolution in Russia antiques market. Place - vaults under Volkhonka related to a complex of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the concept - access to European buyers of Russian antiques, swing - 2 thousand square meters. m and 500 works of art: everything here is unusual and great.

    It is hard to believe that in the center of Moscow, near the Pushkin Museum im. Pushkin and close to the temple of Christ the Savior, may open new space area of 2 thousand square meters. m. Volkhonka Fine Arts Centre - a huge hall, which served as the technical facilities pool "Moscow", and the restoration of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior came into the complex. Director of the Center on Volkhonka Alex Volobaev even says that once there was a station of Stalin's secret metro.
    Posted 14-06-2009 at 06:13 by Евгений Евгений is offline
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    Евгений's Avatar
    Opening of Russia's largest antique center Volkhonka Fine Arts Centre.

    Center opened a unique exhibition of paintings by old masters. Guests gala opening of one of the first able to see the masterpieces of XVI-XVIII centuries: urban landscapes, still lifes and works of historical genre of recognized masters of the Venetian, Flemish, Naples and Genoa schools.

    At the invitation of the Center for the opening came the famous Italian antiquary, a famous collector of still lifes and landscapes of the Italian and Flemish masters Lampronti Cesare (Cesare Lampronti). Currently, Dr. Cesare Lampronti cooperates with Volkhonka Fine Arts Centre as the main expert on the Western painting masters XVII and XVIII centuries.

    Читать дальше... 
    During the official part by welcoming the guests in the evening turned director Volkhonka Fine Arts Centre Alex Volobaev, Minister of Culture 2000-2004, State Prize Laureate of Russia Mikhail Shvydkoi and special guest opening - Princess Michael of Kent. For guests of the evening was conducted lottery, the main lot of which was an engraving by Albrecht Dürer The Last Supper ". Two numbers of lottery tickets have not found their holders among those present at the party and the decision of the organizers of engraving a sign of gratitude was transferred to Princess Michael of Kent.
    At the event were: Princess Michael of Kent, Cesare Lampronti, Mikhail Shvydkoi, Alexander Burataeva, Pavel Teplukhin, Julia Milner, Barbara, Constantine and Elena Remchukovy Alexander Dobrovinsky, Tatiana Rogachenko, Vasily Tsereteli, his wife Kira Sakarello, Natalia Spirina-Tseboeva, Alexander Shumsky Alexander Yudin, David Yakobashvili, Tatiana Shirkina and Alain Korniber, Anzor Kankulov, Alexander Rymkevich and many other representatives of the cultural and business elite.
    Director Volkhonka Fine Arts Centre Alex Volobaev explained the principles of
    .... This is not a gallery in the usual sense of the word, the center serves only as an intermediary between buyers in Moscow and Western Gallery ...
      All items imported on a temporary basis, this know-how Alexei Volobaeva.
    Posted 14-06-2009 at 06:34 by Евгений Евгений is offline
  3. Old Comment
    Евгений's Avatar

    Magazine «Robb Report Russia"

    Magazine «Robb Report Russia will become a partner of the new antique center in the long-term basis.
    General information partner center - RBC.
    Posted 14-06-2009 at 06:39 by Евгений Евгений is offline
  4. Old Comment
    Евгений's Avatar

    Dr. Cesare Lampronti, Volobaev Alexey A. ..

    An interesting photo essay from Constantine Babulina
    Originally Posted by Konstantin View Post
    So photo essay.
    Dr. Cesare Lampronti (left)
    Currently, Dr. Cesare Lampronti cooperates with Volkhonka Fine Arts Centre as the main expert on the paintings of Western European masters XVII and XVIII centuries.
    Читать дальше... 
    Cesare Lampronti owes his broad knowledge of ancient art medium, in which he grew up. Cesare Lampronti - comes from a family antique. Grandfather Cesare, from whom he inherited the name, was the founder of the gallery back in 1914. His father, Giulio, took over the gallery with great success continued the tradition by organizing an exhibition space of 800 square meters on the famous baboons in central Rome, and another room on the street Manzoni in Milan city center.

    Now exhibited his collection, to the question how much collected, answered 45 years. Why sell? I regret to say that things have antiquarians is - to collect and sell.

    Volobaev Alexei (right)
    Born March 31, 1964 in Moscow. He graduated in 1981 from the British special school number 36 in 1986 - State Forest University (specialty - a mechanical engineer, has an inventor's certificate).
    In 1999 he created a group of companies Il Centro Nuovo (www.ilcentro-decor.ru), which is currently the market leader in the exclusive private construction. The group includes architectural office (9 permanent Architects), a construction company (120 employees), and the company of filling the interior (7 employees). Il Centro Nuovo clients are directors and shareholders of major companies (Gazprom, NTV, Norilsk Nickel, Evropetroleum, City, etc.).
    He is the founder and president of the Foundation Gorica, which helps in the rehabilitation of orphans and vulnerable children, as well as - in the restoration of cultural monuments in Russia. For his efforts was awarded numerous diplomas and the Order of St. Sergius of Radonezhskogo 2 nd degree.
    One of the achievements of the Fund - the establishment and functioning of the children's camp "dominant" in the Ryazan region, calculated for 50 children.
    Author of the book "How to survive an Orthodox businessman in modern Russia's business", which was published edition of 12 500 copies and became a bestseller.

    C 2008 Alex Volobaev is the director of Russia's largest antique center Volkhonka Fine Arts Centre.
    Hobbies - equestrian sport, tennis, photography (held two solo exhibitions - at the Central House of Artists and the Manege). He is married and has two children. Fluent in English.

    Posted 14-06-2009 at 07:08 by Евгений Евгений is offline
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    Paintings from the collection center ... A lot of interesting information (EA)
    Originally Posted by Konstantin View Post
    Another set of pictures to understand the assortment. Prices in the range of 50 - 400 Euro Vol.
    Posted 14-06-2009 at 07:13 by Евгений Евгений is offline
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    Painting "old masters" has withstood the crisis

    Collectors, who arrived in Maastricht on the world's largest art fair TEFAF, more willing to invest in the "old masters" than in the work of modernist and contemporary artists.
    Originally Posted by Eugene View Post

      According to the agency Bloomberg, the price of the modernists have fallen by about 20 per cent compared to 2008, while the "old masters" they more or less stable.
    The two most notable transactions in the sector of "old masters" were male portrait by Rubens, sold for 6.46 million dollars (slightly below the original price), and genre painting "The old lady for a meal", Gabriel Metsu, who went to an American collector for 4.6 million dollars (Information The New York Times). On average, prices for "old masters" have remained roughly the same as in 2008, but demand for them has not fallen despite the crisis.
    Posted 15-06-2009 at 08:22 by Евгений Евгений is offline
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    Early July in London will be devoted to the oeuvre of old masters.
      First major London gallery specializing in old paintings, together with the auction houses to attract the attention of collectors to the art of XIV-XIX centuries.

    Читать дальше... 
    In the Week of paintings by old masters are two dozen of the most respected galleries in London, located in the areas of Bond Street (ibid., where auction halls Sotheby `s) and King Street (where Christie` s). From 4 until 10 July gallery owners are satisfied with special exhibitions and lectures, their doors will be open from morning till night, and in these days of Christie `s and Sotheby` s will hold their pre-auction exhibition (their bid will be 7 and 8 July). At a special map shows how densely concentrated in this prestigious area of the gallery, if not deterred by cultural overload, they can be circumvented in one day. And congestion can easily happen - the collection of all creep up impressive (the majority of works in galleries for sale).

    Among the most famous names in the collections of the London gallerists - Lucas Cranach the Elder. The exhibition, devoted to creativity of the great artist of the Northern Renaissance, arranges gallery Colnaghi, the oldest operating art gallery in the world. Here you will see seven Cranach paintings from private collections, in addition, the exhibition shows how the artist's influence on his colleagues continued unabated for centuries. It can be seen in the painting by Ernst Kirchner, German Expressionist beginning of the twentieth century, with naked in a hat, in the angular "Gothic" pose, and engravings by Pablo Picasso (one of which was created expressly for the explanation of the Cranach).

    Project on Dutch and Flemish paintings of XVII century and the Italian lead, gallery shows Richard Green. It can see the "Village Festival" by Pieter Brueghel the Younger and the Seller's game, his pupil Frans Snyders. Snyders, a typical representative of the Flemish baroque is famous for its shops - fish, meat and fruit. Said he, Peter Paul Rubens called him for help when he had to write animal or battered game.

    Probably will look pathetic exhibition galleries Rafael Valls - it is devoted to portraits of children XVII and XVIII centuries. The earliest is a portrait of a boy in ceremonial dress, with a dog, written in 1605 by the Dutch artist Van Zelvenom. This portrait, incidentally, was sold a year ago at auction Christie `s for £ 97 thousand wonder how much fabric is now. At the same auction last year sold sumptuous still life Ambrosius Bosschaert Younger (out of £ 120 thousand). Now, this still life with fruit, seashells and the lizard can be seen in the gallery Sphinx Fine Art, which displays 100 paintings by old masters "from XV and to the XIX century.

    Italian art exhibition devoted to a Simon C. Dickinson. Her star - a sketch of a grand painting of the church in Naples brush Luca Giordano, known for his ability to write very quickly Fa-Presto. The sketch depicts the expulsion of the merchants from the temple. Florence painters devoted to the collection galleries Robilant & Voena; Moretti Fine Art gallery shows artists of Tuscany XIV-XVI centuries.

    Wandering between the galleries, you can not avoid halls Sotheby `s and Christie` s, in which experts from auction houses on the old masters will watch being relieved of potential buyers.

    This year's enormously successful Sotheby `s - that the auction house had the honor to sell the collection of Barbara Piasecki-Johnson (July 8). This collection of Renaissance and Baroque (painting, applied art, furniture) was going for decades, and reflects the tastes of Barbara Piasecki-Johnson, the wife of one of the founders of the pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson, whose personal fortune before the crisis, Forbes estimates at $ 2.6 billion is from her collection in 2005 was sold Bedmintongsky cabinet, which became the world's most expensive piece of furniture ($ 36.7 million). The collection is large, it is divided into night and day trading.

    At night reigns a grand canvas of the famous Spaniard Husepe Ribera. It's "Prometheus", was created, apparently, in the early period of the artist. Dynamic composition, the dramatic effects of light and shadow, the naturalism in the depiction of the suffering - Prometheus all twisted in pain and screaming, while the eagle had already swallowed a piece of his liver - this picture is similar scenes with the holy martyrs who Ribera wrote a lot in the 1630-ies . The canvas is estimated at £ 800 thousand-1, 2 million addition, the evening auctions - samples of Italian Baroque sculpture, such as bronze "Hercules and the Centaur" (£ 600-800 thousand), and rare furniture. Day trading works from the collection of Barbara Piasecki-Johnson certainly attract a huge number of customers: it was an excellent taste, and it has collected numerous paintings now valued modestly, caught estimate and £ 5-7 thousand (although at the auction they will surely grow).

    Calendar auctions Sotheby `s (July 8) also collected a lot of masterpieces. For example, the sale equestrian portrait of Godoy, Duke of Alcudia, a favorite of the Spanish King Charles IV, the hand of Francisco Goya. Sotheby `s experts say this portrait is the most significant works of art ever put up for tender, its estimate £ 2,5-3,5 million in the same amount at an auction estimate" Village in the winter with the Massacre of the Innocents "by Pieter Brueghel the Younger and a pair of charming female heads of Jean-Honore Fragonard, which can serve as a perfect example of the rococo style in painting.

    The world record for the estimate and the quality can claim a large picture of the Dutchman XVII century Gabriel Metsu (£ 1,2-1,8 million). Woman selling battered game "- is a large canvas filled with famed artist calm and admiration of the details of everyday life. Pearlescent goose feathers in the foreground, a hare, though beaten, but playfully squinting, the maid, her fingers delicately holding a piece of raw bacon - from canvases eye tear.

    Apparently, the crisis has yet to enter the market excellent products. At auction Christie `s (7 July) sold fabric of the High Representative of the Florentine Renaissance Fra Bartolomeo, who studied at the works of Leonardo da Vinci and a former senior friend of Raphael. The canvas Madonna with Child, Saint Elizabeth and the infant John the Baptist was "horrible for auction from the collection of a certain lady, Brenda Cook and rated at £ 2-3 million is terrible to say, over the past twenty years is only the fourth work of Fra Bartolomeo, appearing at the auctions, and, without doubt, the best.

    Venetian XVIII century vedutist Michele Marieschi not as glorified as Canaletto, but the types of canals and palazzi are widely known. The painting "The courtyard of the Palace of the Doges' is unusual in that it depicts the Doge's palace with an unusual point of view: this is not the facade that faces the lagoon and the inner, facing the giants of the Ladder and the butt end of the Cathedral of St. Mark. The canvas is estimated at £ 2 million, it could serve as a kind of talisman Christie `s: the first time it was sold by auction in 1775, trades conducted the founder of the auction house, James Christie. Then it was sold several times - always at Christie `s, and yet it is always a constant increase in prices.

    A brilliant portrait of Sir Anthony van Dyck (£ 800 thousand-1, 2 million), watercolor by William Turner (£ 200-300 thousand) and the recently discovered "head boy" Frans Hals (£ 300-500 thousand) complete the picture of trades Christie `s.

    In addition to painting, both auction houses will be on separate auctions to sell and schedule, and weeks of paintings by old masters in London galleries and will add more Week graphics. http://www.kommersant.ru/doc.aspx?DocsID=1192401
    Posted 20-07-2009 at 05:25 by Евгений Евгений is offline
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    Stored since 1886 at the Royal Museum of Art in Antwerp painting "Portrait of Pastor Svalmiusa" after the restoration work is recognized by Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn.
    Originally Posted by Eugene View Post
    According to the newspaper The Times, the cost of painting at once rose from one million euros to 20 million.
    Posted 08-08-2009 at 06:37 by Евгений Евгений is offline

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