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With 80th birthday Natta Ivanovna Konysheva

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"The prodigal son returns", 2001, H. M., h.
Mindful, Nattily moaning Victor Krotov about: what to draw, what topics to raise; and his little,
-"... draw whatever you want, everything is already drawn...", and then ventured to offer use the hotel search option "Return of the prodigal son. Can't say how it occurred, but "blurted out", and Natca defiantly jumped, with the same inherent shout joyfully, as if seizing,
-" ...in, let's ...".
On the appointed day, tightened the soul of the people. From cabinets got everything that could be useful for costumes actors: tablecloths, costumes, pieces of cloth and sundries demolished the place, equipped to draw: pots, flowers.
The characters stood in their places Natta and her keen eye all preparations all
that was before and after, all notices and made notes and sketches, as always on their sheets "former business paper – draft". Then they all could appear on the picture, like baked pancakes, Gzhel figurines erotic content, kettles out of the closet, reading lamps, palette for watercolors, the chandelier in the room, Christmas ball, all clinging Nattai and transferred to canvas in the order and the order established itself.
She laid out his solitaire on canvas and complemented his missing parts: one Gzhel figurine erotic content - don't pour salt on my wounds, another was I blinded him from what was", and here is the third –"Our guns are not toys"; I use the hotel search option scared
-Nutt, why are you on places set up?
"Well, do you have it?
- .
-Well....and all on the ground
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