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My arguments against Amer. "Arts» II

Запись от Черномашенцев Владимир размещена 29.07.2009 в 22:16

I picked up a particularly distinctive (but not quite pornographic, in the literal sense of the word), copies of contemporary Amer. art. On many I mentioned earlier - the way want to look. Note that these works were printed in the albums with promising titles like "Masterpieces of 20 th century, or are well-respected museum MoMA (The Museum of Modern Art, New-York).
I am Russian and I love Russian painting. However, as French, Italian Spanish, Dutch, German, Polish, Armenian, Georgian .... but not like the culture Amer.

WARNING for connoisseurs of fine nerve Amer. Art:

I do not recommend reading my comments, because they may contain bad words. I ask in this case limited only viewing the pictures, and then my argument "against" easily turn into an argument in favor for a specific person.
Restriction of age - no.[/B]


11) Warhol, Gold Marilyn Monroe, 1962

Well, well. I often see in articles of furniture and interiors of the reproductions of the Golden Klimt (great designer), but do not see the gilded Warhol. He is not popular among the people. And people sometimes feel that good.

12) Stella, Marriage of reason and squalor II, 1959

Very complex and interesting meaning of the name.

13) Reinhardt, Abstract Painting, 1963

No comments.

14) Newman, Vir Heroicus Sublimis, 1950-1951, XM 242H541

I specifically pointed out the dimensions to all connoisseurs, it was clear what Newman has surpassed Rothko.

15) Meireles, Zero dollars, 1978-1984, 7h16sm

Something similar is sold in stalls, only much cheaper. Long painted - probably all the watermarks and paper reproduced the villi.

16) Klein, Blue Monochrome, 1961

  I can not repeat my "favorite" "Blue Monochrome". And a couple of very interesting work.

17) Noerman, three colors at sunrise, 1968

It is "significantly" if the judge by name. I, too, so I can not think about five minutes.

18) Matyushin, movement in space, 1920, fragment

This I have set for contrast.

  [B]PS I can still nafotografirovat such a masterpiece. My art album 300-400 kg.[/B]
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Название: Уорхол, Золотая Мэрилин Монро, 1962.jpg
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Размер:	106.9 Кб
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Название: Стелла, Брак разума и убожества II, 1959.jpg
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Название: Рейнхарт, Абстрактная живопись, 1963.jpg
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Размер:	123.0 Кб
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Название: Ньюман, Vir Heroicus Sublimis, 1950-1951, ХМ 242Х541.jpg
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Размер:	204.5 Кб
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Название: Мейрелес, Ноль долларов, 1978-1984, 7х16см.jpg
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Размер:	351.5 Кб
ID:	3636  

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Название: Клайн, Синий монохром, 1961.jpg
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Название: Ноерман , Три цвета на восходе, 1968.jpg
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Название: Матюшин, Движение в пространстве, 1920, фрагмент.jpg
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Размер:	263.2 Кб
ID:	3776  
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