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Есть миг, в нём бесконечно теченье времени реки,
Есть мир в котором вечно, родятся семени ростки.
Там в них сидит гермафродит,
Как сам зачнёт, так и родит.
Мы все стремимся к жизни вечной
И молим Бога, чтоб нам дал
Вселенной бублик бесконечный
И высшей жизни пъедестал.
На мир глядим сквозь призму мысли,
Не разумея сущности вещей,
Порой не дружим с здравым смыслом,
Хоть к свету рвёмся поскорей.
Мы многое ещё не знаем,
Себя познать всегда мечтаем,
Когда же блага потеряем,
На силы тёмные пеняем.
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Simple to the complex.

Запись от Chvedovski размещена 28.02.2013 в 20:12

Constantly tormented by the question of whether we can reflect the world our consciousness right, exactly adekvatno.Gnoseologiya or epistemology - the theory of knowledge, as well as classical logic does not pomogaet.Glavnoe for man in my opinion is something that can be efficiently studied and understand a question about the nature of the world, man and his cognitive functions, as well as to give meaning to the term zhizni.Poprobuyte opposite the term "agnosticism" and not be able to, and the cause is a subjective idealism or subjectivism in perfect razmyshleniyah.Ya personally believe that there are and then, and this is the opposite, and I like them both, as they are almost the same, but it is certainly something different-third always intervenes between them and that is why even the oscillations occur between these and those. The ancients believed that each expressed thought will be refined and modified to deepen with time on the basis of generalizations vseobhvatnyh and determinism. There is a philosophy of improving the system as entropy - from the complex to the simple (dissipation) and and structure - from simple to complex (progress). Limit personal progress is unknown and there is hardly any. And this problem can be solved only by philosophical reflections. Let's just say we need to understand the complex in the simplest variante.Tsel any philosophical knowledge - to achieve the truth. Truth - is the correspondence of knowledge that est.Voznikayuschaya problem of true knowledge in philosophy, above all, is reduced to bring any knowledge in line with the true being, from which knowledge of the truth gets its soderzhaniya.Bez doubt some knowledge can be considered to be true if not contrary to the sensory experience. All knowledge can be considered to be true if the content can not be obscure, to express vague, confusing file a justification, and if it does not require excessively complicated form for the presentation. There is a real being, and nothingness does not exist and they are two totally opposite and irreconcilable concepts, but there still exists a virtual fictional being. Accident - a characteristic of the feasibility of a process that has a chance might happen or might not happen. Law - it certainly a recurring process, which is sure to somehow happen. Between them necessarily manifest third that can be attributed to a single random laws, as is the internal law of the common core of the development process, and chance is an external factor in the circumstances of a single speciation of Information zakonomernostey.Termin information pronounce continuously at all levels of human society, and we do not know what informatsiya.Fiziki plumb the sub-distances and times in which no meaning to talk about space and time, and philosophers can not define the boundaries of the knowability of the world. It's time to the creative mind's cognitive instinctively real world. It is known that between the objective world and its philosophy is the subject
painter, sculptor, philosopher, creator when considering which, as an intermediary between the real and the supersensible, original thinker, always to be "signs" of world harmony, prophetically points to the signs of the future as a modern phenomenon, and in the events of the past, storyteller and poet, clearly grasp the reality of society and history, perhaps comparable to oracles clairvoyant who form a storehouse of poetic insight and knowledge of the other world, hidden from ordinary consciousness, meaning of life. In this exaggerated sensuality, irrational images to create a mystical visionary, breaking into a religious exaltation creates modern-abstract paintings that give images even greater expression of trying to sharp, often overact, deliberately illogical form expose ugliness surrounding life and ephemeral.
Intense spiritual quest inherent delicate nature of creative people with kreotsionistkoy logic, with dreamy, ironic and slightly grotesque aesthetic interpretation of the past rise to the desire to understand the world, not only aesthetically, but morally and philosophically, that this was a day of rebirth and a means of expression of romantic experience a new era.
Our memory - the first and the main feature that has created the living world on our planet. Without the ability to receive, store and use the information obtained from the environment - and that is the memory - can not survive in our changing world. We are confident that the storage memory - the brain, but the stress hormones block its nerve cells, preventing them to pass the necessary signals, determining proper operation. Today, scientists define four types of memory located in the parietal and temporal lobes of the brain. The first is responsible for the main memory - the accumulation of the information and for episodic memory - to save personal experiences and feelings, which allows a person to perceive himself as a person (for example, the last trip, the first love). Including for remembering emotional coloring of the events, and in the cerebellum nests motor memory - memorized movements that man produces no hesitation (riding a bike, tying shoelaces), and finally the temporal lobe of the brain is responsible, too, for episodic and semantic memory for the addition, which contains all facts and data that people have learned (knowledge of foreign languages, the multiplication table).
As once said Academician spondylitis, stressing that only one type of memory - the so-called memory of ancestors - had no place in either hemisphere. The most mysterious kind of memory - a memory of ancestors, when a person suddenly feels in another time and in another reality. It also happens that he is aware of itself in the present and in the present form, and at the same time remembers his past life. In one of his letters to his friend Leo Tolstoy told how during the pursuit of a hare on powdered horse stumbled and he flew out of the saddle, bounce on the ground. And at the moment of impact, he suddenly transported to another era, saw a different person - a landowner in the old clothes that just fell from a horse while hunting and just hit. This vision lasted a few seconds and then disappeared.
For a long time the official science has denied the existence of this memory, but if, for certain types of memory, scientists have found in the brains of their "habitat", where the memory of ancestors nest - a mystery.
It is no secret that any system, structure, or community consists of items that can be called in the lower levels of the hierarchy, although I tend to think not of the lowest, but the simplified version. The more elements and more complex system of influences. And a man, though the people themselves are simple, primitive and highly sophisticated personality. Some see things and analyze, comprehend and trying to dig down, though others see but not perceive. Through vision people registiriruet vibration fields surrounding systems, assigning them different symbols, names, codes. The visible area apparently is a sphere, but If you look better systems view, most elipsoidnoe space, including a subsystem. Man sees not only the eyes, but also has a kind of inner vision, which sometimes confused with hallucinations, transmitting the internal state of the nervous system and visual parts of the brain. Man knows that there sneshny world of objects, because it feels and remembers them as images. A vision is complementary to a general picture of the created world.
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