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Art in the attic

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Their life is cruel, like a shot.
        Account of money they thought quickened.
        To listen to the melody of shopkeepers
        Fastened pair of ears.
        Velimir Khlebnikov
Are you an artist?
        Q: Will you do art, if fame and money at the expense of you will get another?
        Art should be an artist, because it is primarily a cognitive process and the search for the acquisition of meaning, of truth. In the end, nafiga you everything else! You'll have access to the viewer, that is, viewers will see your work, but will not know that they are yours. Are you ready to get rid of the fact that, in effect, prevented from moving towards goals - from the desire for fame and money from all of these curators, gallery owners, journalists? When ready, then I know how to do it.


        We take a person, not an artist, which will display your work and other participants of the project on its behalf. He will talk to the press and receive Salvage, if the painting will be sold. He will do everything that makes advanced artists, besides creating "works of art." His role is not enviable - is an enormous challenge for all participants.
        Checking for lice, so to speak.

        He - the figurehead - the savior, God, takes upon himself your sins and deliver you from evil and bondage of the bourgeois world, relieving you from the pettiness of this world, leaving you alone with yourself and your main problem - search for meaning and truth.

        You wanted to communicate with the void and speak honestly, as soon as you can, as before his death, like eternity, and your brain is packed with all of these commodity-money relations, and they do not let you think calmly. Dare. Are you ready to become a truly free, while remaining an artist, contemporary artist, but also involved in the process, only part? Are you prepared to sacrifice themselves for the pursuit of truth, knowing that the result of this search is always questionable?

        And now I turn to you, dear "MULTIHUDOZHNIK. More precisely, to someone who will take over this role.
        You must understand the responsibility entrusted to you the problem. You must communicate with the project to get used to the role of each, fully dissolve in it for a while, you're always going to be "in the creative search, your style will change (from character to character), you can build a strategy for this change, while You must be prepared to submit a character, you are not personally close. You have to travel a lot, because The project participants are scattered around the world, and their composition is constantly changing. When you become a media personality, everyone will know about your movements and you will demonstrate the new series of works associated with your travels. In this case you'll skip the unknown artists involved in the project, living in different countries. And everyone will say how good you felt the one or another country, as if you were born there ...
        You'll be all, and all will be you. At the end of life you will have a museum, which will be collected "your" various works. And thou shalt come into the art history as the most talented and versatile artist in the history of mankind.
        But for all that you yourself as a person will not be for others, you should be ready for such a renunciation.
        The mission entrusted to you, very difficult, but noble.

        These artists participating in the project should not get to you nothing except the opportunity to be honest with ourselves and art.

        You can, of course, to make the decoy "artists" had a few and each of them represented the interests of "one or a small group of artists united by common interests, common issues.
        In the case of direct substitution of - one another - get rid of the psychological pressure of success will, I think, is not possible.
        Since the success of "representative" is successful artist, and his failure, too, in fact, - the failure of the artist. And although the artist does not receive direct dividends from this, anyway, he directly associates itself with a "representative".
        In the case of a group is easier - here, a collective responsibility, no personal association with one another.

        I can assume, by developing a theory of conspiracy,
        that, in fact, all more or less facing contemporary artists, which we know to date - already have such decoy "representatives". Their works are invented and made all other people, and they are - talented managers.
        For example, all of Demian Hirst came up with some philosopher-hermit of the island of Bali.
        Or, say, known in Moscow among young artists Diana Machulina - this is also a project in the initial stage of promotion. One can only assume with any degree of certainty, who works for one, and who the group.
        However, some particularly ambitious "managers" can enter into the image so that throughout their lives will play the role of the humiliated and insulted genius, expecting the glory after death, and money for their descendants. The art of doing something still others, it is obvious ...
        Even the sonorous names of famous modern "artists" say about it. For example, Haim Sokol did an exhibition on "Art spit" with clear title "CV". The text for the exhibition, he openly says that he has many identities - biographies. In this work, presented at the exhibition, the text does not have a direct relationship. This text clearly refleksiruet manager about their activities, because it would be hard and he could no longer bear this in itself.

        My suggestion is
        to make art a truly independent, and that they do good work, without thinking about the physical results of his labor (fame and money.) And if the work is really good, does it really matter who it made of? And if you feel that there is something not that, then let's think about how to fix it, as this is, although
        thinking about the future of the dusty attic, still it would be truer to seal the space allotted:
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