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Totalitarianism and abstraction

Запись от Gnesterov размещена 26.11.2013 в 19:10

Totalitarianism and ABSTRACTION
( The concept of totalitarianism has developed in the twentieth century )

Do not to get mixed the "totalitarianism " and " the idea of ​​the whole."
The idea of ​​the integrity of the world assumes its unity and indivisibility . That is the unity of the past , present and future . The symphonic , polyphonic sound of rich palette of the color, light and darkness, of the heat and cold. The variaty and richness of the human thought and of its fanciful fluctuations . The seeming contradictions and uncertainties.
For the concept of totalitarianism in the form in which it has developed in the twentieth century , the situation is fundamentally different .
The rationalization and dismemberment of the world into pieces is characteristic for the totalitarian thinking. For this, the one from that ideas or parts are made as an ​​absolute .
Of course, without of an abstraction and simplification, without isolation of something one from the many elements of the life and of it practical life is impossible .
The abstraction from reality can greatly simplify our life.
But following the single idea , style , direction of movement , sooner or later , we will inevitable pushed asid.
And if you will long to persist in moving one-sided , disregarding the reality , collapse is inevitable .
After all, the life and reality do not suit into the Procrustean bed of schemes and restrictions, and force us to constantly introduce the correction of our activities.
In the coming already new century , the man found oneself in a confused chaos of the results of their work , not knowing what to do with the disassembled parts, before of that holistic and harmonious world.
What to do? How to improve the situation ?
There is no way without the principled corrections of our movement.
And the first thing that need to do - to change the priorities.
It is need to go back for the idea of the integrity of a earlier forgotten world, that is intelligible by intuition and feeling, and only then as the rational.
In this concept of the whole as an organic part is included and the whole experience accumulated by mankind , or the culture necessary for our survival.
We are very obstacled for the formed in twentieth century that abstract averaged understanding of a man as a function or how the scheme.
But man is not a robot, not a function, not the scheme .
He has the cosmic history and soul ...
He is in need for the love and mercy , compassion and understanding.
He is in search of the truth and justice , beauty, harmony and perfection ...
Forgetting that brings the greatest misfortune for mankind.
The bloody lessons of the twentieth century should not be forgotten !

Grigory Nesterov

[email protected]
gnesterov.blog.tut.by kulturart www.art-fakt.com
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