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The house of the Emir of Bukhara in St. Petersburg

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the House of the Emir of Bukhara in St. Petersburg: Why Alim-хан built the Italian Palace.

apartment houses were built in Russian cities beginning of the XX century, not only merchants. For example, the Emir of Bukhara state also decided to erect a similar building, and now this unique house in Saint-Петербурге passers-by admire its monumentality and originality of architecture. However, externally it more resembles an Italian Palace rather than the mansion of a king.

the Building is extremely original. Especially for the Northern capital.

Such an unusual building on Kamennoostrovsky Prospekt on the Petrograd side appeared at the beginning of the last century. Ordered the famous architect Stepan Krichinsky the last Bukhara Emir Sayyid Alim-хан (full name – Seyyid Mir Mohammed Alim-хан).

Emir Sayyid Alim-хан. Restored photo. 1911

at home he was known as the ruler who honor the Eastern tradition, but at the same time progressive. After receiving his education in the Nicholas cadet corps St-Петербурга, where he determined father, Sayyid Alim-хан worked closely with the Russian Imperial court and was part of the retinue of His Majesty. So to be in St-Петербурге he had often.

the apartment house of the Emir. The shooting of the last century.

by the Way, Seyid Alim-хан also funded the construction of the Petersburg Cathedral mosque, the first in 1909 — 1920 (the money for the purchase of the land under it was allocated among the patrons of his father).

it is Interesting that, arguing with the architect to shape the future of the house, the Emir did not stop at the traditional Oriental style, and wanted the building to be like an Italian Palazzo, the age of mannerism. However, this is not surprising, given the fact that the Emir was respected by European culture, and the architect Krichinsky was versatile: in a long career he had the opportunity to do for their discerning customers in completely different styles.

overall gorgeous home has features of neo-classicism in 1910-х years in St. Petersburg was fashionable, and he perfectly blended in the architecture of the Petrograd side.

the House of the Emir of Bukhara. The view from the roadway.

the apartment house is a Central (facade) of the building and two houses that connect the wings. Many interesting and original parts of this building – arches, columns, court d"honneur (open courtyard of the Renaissance style). Walls faced with yellowish marble shishimskaya, and this is the only building in the city, for the lining which used this zlatoustinskiy stone.

the fate of the house and its master

Emir Himself, identified themselves in this house the living area of the modest sizes – apparently did not want to advertise their position, demonstrating that he is a modern man and he with his Eastern mentality is not alien to European views.

the Original idea of the architect is realized on the money of Bukhara Emir.

Here he decided to settle down and the architect himself (when the authors of the project tenements rented apartments in their own" creation" stories are not uncommon). He took in the building of one of the small apartments in which he lived his last years (the architect died in 1923-м).

And here the owner, Sayyid Alim-хану to sojourn in his house had not. A few years after the construction of the building was a revolution that resulted in the capture of Bukhara. Neither in St. Petersburg nor in Uzbekistan, which became part of the proletarian country, the Emir did not appear: he went to Afghanistan, where he spent the rest of my life. Millions, which he kept in Russian banks, and later went to the Soviet authorities, as well as a gorgeous home.

the Emir did not have time to enjoy life in his St. Petersburg доме-дворце.

After the February revolution, and until the second half of March 1917-го in the building of the Emir was located a machine-gun regiment. Well, after the events of October here, as in many other tenement houses of Russia, did the usual communal apartment. Most of them survived, and they are still living. On the former luxury in these cluttered with bikes and junk communal with many doors resemble antique moldings and high ceilings.

the Stucco apartment.

however, the building has multi-bedroom" luxury" apartments, and then there are the residents who bought in a few rooms and rent them out.

In this house large social stratification: there are fat cats and ordinary, poor people.

In the building there and" parade of the rich", and plain – old, creepy, and graffiti. So the audience is variegated lives.

it looks like the front (entrance).

But this front looks much more attractive.

When you look at this picture I get sad and hurt for the house.

Nine years ago, the building has undergone a global restoration in the framework of the program" Facades of St.-Петербурга".

Stately home @- a cultural heritage.

by the Way, in Soviet times about this mysterious and majestic house there are two beautiful legends. The first is that even during the construction of the Emir ordered the workers to dig a secret underground passage that connects this building and the St. Petersburg mosque. And this tunnel, they say, still exists.

According to the second legend, in one of the walls of the apartment houses the Emir has walled up their treasures in the hope that the proletariat would be in power for a short time, and then he can get them back...

Old walls and ceilings to keep the secrets of this house.


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