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OF THE WHOLE IDEA (the Cyclical nature of public sentiment)

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(The cyclical nature of a public moods)

"By the way, what is "actual art"?
Probably it is the one that concerns us today?
Something that affects and constrains to action?
Does not leave us indifferent?
Isn’t it the art that appealing to the mind and to the soul through our heart?
Probably can and rhetorical appeals to do something or not to do, and which are not an art would be actual?
Yes, if it touched our soul and convince of us!
In our day as an art call everything. By all that touches the artist, and even what he would just to pay attention.
But what worked once, in another time may don’t work!
After all, we know from history that even the greatest artists of the world, at some time, went into the background and cease to be perceived by future generations.
The fashion, if it lasts too long risks some time become ridiculous.
The 20th century ended, but we still live by the old habits, old ideas. But what us previously excited and agitated, what was actual and revolutionary, became as a commonplace and just boring.
We stand on the threshold of a new century, a new time.
And if the 20th century was characterized by the rejection of the "whole" conception and just of a painting, the predominance of negativity, rationality and conceptuality, the new century, a new time requires a fundamentally different approach.
And it is impossible to reach by a rational, logical and analytical way.
For it required the talent and intuition, insight and artistic integrity in relation to the voice of the soul, merged with the world.
Focusing only on the negative and on of the world’s shortcomings is not productive.
Without of an ideal, light at the end of the tunnel, without of the belief that life can change for the better, we will not survive.
Today, as a model of the «ideal» hero are or the marginal and the negative pattern, or the image of brutal character, an anarchist and egotist.
And if the image of the rebel was characteristic of the last century, was a popular and fruitful, then the "new time" need of the another hero.
This virtual character will fundamentally and revolutionary different.
I see him having a strong character, talent, intelligence, generosity and honesty. It is somebody that has good manners and innate sense of justice.
By other words an "intelligent person".
And only if we realize the necessity of this radical and revolutionary turn, only in this case, a multiple crises (environmental, economic, social, national, etc.) can be overcome.
The main obstacle in our way, today we same are, our skills and stereotypes, much of what we have learned so far.
The direction of our motion has changes.
It is time again to turn for reality, both of an external and internal.
But the heart and art will tell us the direction."

(2.03.2012) G. Nesterov

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