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THE ART OF TODAY...TOMORROW AND YESTERDAY...(The panpsychical waves)

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(The pan psychical waves)

The Art, as well as our life is here and now, between the yesterday and tomorrow...
And just as our life, it is changing, sometimes slowly, quietly, sometimes suddenly...
Our likings and dislikes, of the blood pressure, anxiety, expectations and our moods are inseparably connected with Art.
And so as we are all unique, not similar to each other for a variety of characteristics: gender, age, race and ethnicity, intelligence and experience, talent, social position, etc., it would seem, we will never come to an agreement in the valuation and perception of art.
But in practice, we see otherwise ... We see an astonishing harmony and instant understanding of art by other people ...
And the art here acts as a universal language which unit all us.
The seemingly chaotic sound of millions of voices merged into a single harmony...
But the common tone of it is not monotone but polyphonic. Here, just as in a symphonic work, an important role play and the dissonances, pause and the interrupting rhythm...
Here even the disputes and contradictions create the common complex harmony...

Gregory Nesterov
http://forum.artinvestment.ru/blog.php?b=286091 "Panpsychist wave" (the Cyclical nature of public sentiment)
http://ru.wikipedia.org/.../%D0%9D%D...82%D0%B5%D1... https://www.facebook.com/gregory.nesterov http://gnesterov.blog.tut.by/
http://www.art-fakt.com/ru/gallery/nesterov http://forum.artinvestment.ru/blog.php?u=735901 http://www.newtheory.ru/culture/... http://www.historicus.ru/forum/viewforum.php?f=7

Tags: Belarusian art, cycles of culture, investing in art, art market, art business.

Grigory Nesterov 18.6.2015

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