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Artist Julia Selina (Lia Selina)

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Милые иллюстрации от российской художницы Юлии Селиной.

Cute illustrations from Russian artist Yulia Selina.

Russian artist and photographer Julia Selina (better known as Lia Selina) creates not only mental pictures, but also cute illustrations depicting funny little animals and charming little girls with doll-like appearance, resembling little fairies and whimsical princesses. The characters in her works are pure soul and thoughts, and despite his antics, kind and funny.

She often signs his works with different names from Lia Selina to Liminga. But actually her name is Julia. Incredibly talented Russian girl, who loves to create handmade toys and make colourful pictures, revealing himself as a photographer, and draw in different styles and genres: "Свое draw my inspiration from the world around, in nature, the rustle of leaves, fragrance of flowers, wind, the sound of water, birds singing. Love stories and the color purple, fairies, bugs, witches with their funny hats, animals, and fictional characters invented by me or anyone-то others. Therefore, drawing, living it all, doing what-то for yourself or for people to order who still believe in miracles".

Чаепитие. Автор: Lia Selina.

the Tea party. Author: Lia Selina.

Новый год. Автор: Lia Selina.

New year. Author: Lia Selina.

Махито. Автор: Lia Selina.

Mahito. Author: Lia Selina.

Радуга. Автор: Lia Selina.

rainbow. Author: Lia Selina.

Месяц. Автор: Lia Selina.

a Month. Author: Lia Selina.

Маки. Автор: Lia Selina.

Maki. Author: Lia Selina.

Мыльные пузыри. Автор: Lia Selina.

bubbles. Author: Lia Selina.

День Святого Валентина. Автор: Lia Selina.

Valentine"s Day. Author: Lia Selina.

Капельки дождя. Автор: Lia Selina.

the Drops of rain. Author: Lia Selina.

Лето. Автор: Lia Selina.

Summer. Author: Lia Selina.

Одуванчики. Автор: Lia Selina.

Dandelions. Author: Lia Selina.

Енот. Автор: Lia Selina.

Raccoon. Author: Lia Selina.

Маршмеллоу. Автор: Lia Selina.

Marshmallows. Author: Lia Selina.

Розовый куст. Автор: Lia Selina.

Rose Bush. Author: Lia Selina.

Сирень. Автор: Lia Selina.

lilac. Author: Lia Selina.

Рождество. Автор: Lia Selina.

Christmas. Author: Lia Selina.

Мёд. Автор: Lia Selina.

Med. Author: Lia Selina.

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