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HAPPINESS Program of the next exhibition association of artists "Artel"

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Gr. Nesterov "The Moment", millboard, oil, 85x85, 1993

(The program of the next exhibition association of artists "Artel")

Today the society is in a constant state of motion.
Where are we running? From whom or what we run away?
We do to strive for what?
What do we want?
What for we have the hope?
We own by conflicting feelings, desires, passions...
We want to have more than we have...
And we are afraid to lose it owned...
Thirst for communication, public acceptance of
what we have done or are going to do ...
Then again, we want solitude and rest...
Isn’t the pursuit of the happiness and the fear of losing it
the main driving force of the society?
And isn’t the newfound happiness for us the award
for a correct choice of the way? ...

Gregory Nesterov 21.09.2015

Date of the exhibition is not yet determined.


The works will be presented by artists:
Matvey Basov, Vladimir Goncharuk, Valentin Gubarev,
Zabavchik Alexander, Natalya Ivanova, Gregory Ivanov,
Vasily Kostyuchenko, Sergey Maliszewski, Alexey Nesterov,
Gregory Nesterov, Sergey Pisarenko Sergey Rimashevsky,
Helen Schlegel, Alexander Shibnev

United Artists' Artel "exists since 2004.
Artists are known not only in Belarus but also in many countries around the world.

I am grateful to the playwright Elena Popova for permission to use the title of her play about the war - "Happiness" as the motto of the next exhibition "Artel".
The aesthetics of her work - the sincerity and true feelings, combined with the search for the whole, metaphors and generalizations are close for us.

Art Diary http://forum.artinvestment.ru/blog.p...8371&langid=15
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