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Stanislav Plutenko was born in Moscow. He graduated from MINKH them. Plekhanov. Wjivopisi studied from the masters who write in the genre of realism, taking private lessons, including the UK.

Works in a unique technique of mixing tempera, acrylic, watercolors and delicate glaze AirBrash.
His first paintings the artist created in 1984-85 time, start cooperation with the Moscow galleries taking part in art exhibitions. In 1989 he held his first personal exhibition abroad. Since then, paintings of Stanislav, Plutenko exhibited in over 40 art exhibitions in Europe and the USA, including there were ongoing exquisitie in London (1996)
In Russia, the artist regularly participates in various art exhibitions and vernissages.
Stanislav Plutenko @- multiple winner of international prizes and awards.
In 2007, he received the title of academician of the International Academy of Creativity (International Academy of Creative Endeavors).
In 2009. Stanislav Plutenko included in the catalog 1000 top artists-сюрреалистов of all times and peoples.
Many works are in private collections in Russia, USA, England, Germany, Sweden, Monaco, USA, Middle East countries.
Dragonfly woke
to See the night
the Three wise men
a Teller of tall tales
Play. Comedians
Played rook
On the steps
the Caretaker of heaven
To the pier
What is the top?
a Dog"s dream
Violets on the window
I brought you coffee Philosopher
I"ll give you a star
the Wind. Letters
Provincial Casanova
From the height
the Evening paper airplanes
Girl walking in the rain through puddles among people with umbrellas
Jazz sketches №1
Jazz sketches №3

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