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Запись от Марат Гельман размещена 25.04.2019 в 12:00

  • MS, 12:31: everyone is interested in, as there Hermes Zaygott , and Egor and his in Boko-Которскую Bay brought
  • MS, 16:43: Egor and Roman Sambul show the scene La Perla Hermes Zaygott.This season will be the main music venue in Montenegro
  • MS, 18:26: as a result, Germes Brothers will be on SLOVONOVA , cheers. PS Consider the first picture @official - photo Hermes Zay... https://t.co/U9hlHG4NHm
  • MS, 20:45: I know everyone wants to see our cat. Okay, his name is Raccoon. Perm cat so-то https://t.co/eYj3ah51FO
  • MS, 21:06: by the way, I think the simplified granting of Russian citizenship to residents of the DNI and the LC is the right step. At the end of the con... https://t.co/TtLbs1pCP5
  • Thu, 09:02: who these days in Vienna? meet at the exhibition krasulina in the gallery Karenina https://t.co/NRiQofJpe8
  • Thu, 11:22: it is nice to consider identification of the audience in Kiev. I think it was a good show. Welcome to my blog https://t.co/QbWnPJkoXf
  • Thu, 11:57: Rada adopted a law about the exclusivity of the Ukrainian language in the country @- in my opinion they with Putin as-то coordinate... https://t.co/GRUFDwuTPU

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