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Винтажные и старинные предметы интерьера..
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What do women want with the money .. the most successful galeristki Moscow

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Kesaeva Stella, Stella Art Foundation
More recently, wealthy women sang and decorated houses. Now they are back to business, requiring not only costs but also professional skills.
Stella Kesaeva.Otkryla own gallery 5 years ago. Now the founder of the movement of new Russian galeristok directs his fund.
What was your education?
Degree in Economics.
Why did you decide to engage in art?
I have long lived in Europe and knew that in Moscow there was simply no galleries representing contemporary Russian and Western art at the highest level. So, returning to the beginning of zero in Russia, I decided to create a fund and the gallery, which would have worked with Russia's leaders and Western artists.
Perhaps I was a little ahead of time - then, in 2004, an art market in Russia was not formed, and commercial projects in result proved to be totally non-profit - for example, the exhibition of David Salle and Alex Katz, Robert Mapplethorpe and Ilya Kabakov, and, of course, the first Exhibition of Warhol - Basquiat - Wesselmann. Then many in Moscow did not even know the names of these artists, apart from Warhol, of course.
Describe how you see its place in contemporary art.
The scope of my work - all issues relating to the draft Stella Art Foundation and its development. This means: replenishing the collection, provision of exhibition projects in Russia and abroad, to help young artists, charity events.
Do you think that help or hinder the money in art?
On the one hand, if Art Currently, the money he did not help. On the other - in the modern world, money serves as a catalyst for all processes. In order to become known artist and his art has found admirers, must be matched too many factors. Without money, it is rare, but happens.
You came into the formed an artistic medium. What it seemed to you at first, and how it changed?
Five years ago, Moscow's "artistic environment" seemed absolute underground compared with Europe, not to mention America. Now the situation is different. We went to an international level. In Moscow, opened a high-quality exhibition projects of the leading artists. Art became interested in many. This is very good.
What would you change in the contemporary art situation? And if so, how do you do it?
I would like to change the attitudes of artists to the gallery owner and art collectors. You know, I recognized many antique dealers that communication with the artists they think the worst nightmare. In principle, it is not far from the truth. Many artists live for today. I want the artists to understand that they benefit long civilized relations with the gallery, and a foundation, a collector, not only human, but also the formal, legal. Then all will be easier.
Do you think you took the Moscow artistic environment?
I think so. At least, I got a lot of adherents.
They help you if your male relatives?
Of course, the husband (the owner of "Mercury" Igor Kesaev. - Notes. Time Out) helps me very much. Without his support I would not have been able to implement many projects. However, I think I am still a strong woman and I think that in other circumstances I'd be able to exist. Well, maybe in some other form.

What are your goals? What do you see their work in ten years?

I hope that in ten years I will build a Museum of Modern Art in Moscow, which will be similar to the world analogues.
Cvoe gallery name was in honor of the director - Stella Kay. Gallery puts global challenges, such as "push into the world on Wednesday Russia's artistic talents and to show Russia the best there is in the west. While nothing prevents their implementation, especially since the Stella Art works directly with two galleries in Paris and Geneva.
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