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Modern "Затерянный the world"

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"А risk, dear boy, gives our existence a special urgency. Only then should live. We are too pampered, faded, accustomed to благоустроенности..." Arthur Conan Doyle

and for over 100 years not one generation of curious readers, young and not very great pleasure to travel through the pages of the book by Arthur Conan Doyle" Затерянный мир"...

And how nice not only to read but to see the heroes of the famous works so to speak face to face, and not somewhere in the TV and in a real theater.

And now going expedition led by Professor Challenger in search of the mysterious world of dinosaurs, the lost where-то in the vast expanses of the black continent...

Going to such a representative composition at the theater" Модерн", which is the artistic Director Yuri Grymov.

But the most spectacular and expected was the appearance in the second act of the dinosaurs. The auditorium stopped and some young audience sat with open mouths watching the movements of the huge dinosaurs. Very spectacular and impressive was played out this scene, the music, the light @full - immersion" затерянный мир".

but actually the play is not about dinosaurs, but about how fragile the world, as it is easy to destroy, sometimes have to sacrifice even the most expensive.

it should be noted that the performance is quite musical...songs and dances are very well animated story.

the theatre Itself is very pleasant, interesting interior, all very nice and unusual, especially the Christmas tree, hanging from the ceiling.

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