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Exhibition Nelly Baranchuk

Запись от Acland размещена 06.11.2010 в 09:57

November 3, 2010 in Vladimir, a regional center of fine
art of the personal exhibition of the artist deserved Russia
Nelly Evgenyavna Baranchuk dedicated to her 80-year anniversary.
Most of the works (about 90) was performed by the artist
During the last 10 years and reflect a new period of her work - Vladimir.

Hero of the day welcomed friends, Vladimir artists, guests and old friends
from Moscow and Russian regions. Arriving in Moscow by representatives of the Russian
Academy of Arts, congratulated the artist and presented her with a medal Shuvalov.
Chairman of the Yaroslavl branch of the Union of Artists of Russia A. Karikh shared
memories of living and working together in Khabarovsk. Many speakers
noted strong, "Jacobin" character NE Baranchuk, its intransigence,
fairness, openness, and a wonderful temperament, mental
finesse, hard work and - importantly - a talent.

Nellie E. Baranchuk born February 18, 1930 in Astrakhan, in the family
military. Sibling NE Baranchuk died in the Great Patriotic War
(Alive, burned in the tank), the father went missing in the vicinity of Brest.
After the war, the future painter and his mother moved to Alma-Ata,
There she enrolled in the Kazakh Republican Theatre Arts
School. Nikolai Gogol. After his graduation (1954) she was leaving with her mother
to the Far East and moved to Khabarovsk. There she begins to creatively
work, a lot rides on the sketches, comes from the USSR Union of Artists (1968),
wake of successful solo exhibitions in Moscow and Leningrad becomes
Honored Artist of Russian Federation (1984). In 1991, NE Baranchuk
at the request of an elderly mother moved in Kovrov Vladimir region, and
After her death, decides to tie its fate to the ancient Vladimir, where
resident since 2000, Moving into the carpet and then to Vladimir, was also associated with
long-standing desire to be closer to the artist Vladimir school of landscape painting,
which she had long known and loved. With KN Britova she repeatedly visited
on the creative cottages, watched his creativity. In Vladimir NE Baranchuk
continues to work in the genre of floral still life by introducing into it elements
landscape and enriching experiences of Vladimir landscape. Tries themselves and in a very
complex landscape genre. Art of Van Gogh, Matisse, and Yukina
Kokurina is the artist's constant tuning fork, as well as creativity
Other Vladimirtsev - Nicholas Mokrova, Victor Dynnikov.
She was also always interested in, and continues to interest
creativity T. Mavrina, which affected a number of still lifes.

NE Baranchuk is a party to many of the city, provincial, territorial,
national, regional, union and international exhibitions. Personal
exhibition of the artist took place in Khabarovsk (1982), Moscow (1983), Leningrad
(1983), carpet (1999), Vladimir (1999, 2005). Pictures of NE Baranchuk are
in museums and collections in Moscow, Chita, Khabarovsk, Komsomolsk-on-Amur,
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Magadan, Kovrov, Vladimir, in museums in Japan, Germany,
as well as in private collections in Russia, UK, USA.

His love for nature NE Baranchuk expressed in floral still lifes and
landscapes. As a born artist tsvetovik NE Baranchuk could not
perceived achievement of Vladimir school of landscape painting, and now
in their own way to implement them in their work. Sharp color combinations,
composition is exquisite still-life painter. Ongoing work with nature
allows her to remain faithful to the truth of life and to convey at the same time its
personal worldview and his understanding of beauty.

Its 80 th anniversary of the artist met in the prime of art - when it
there are no technical problems, and uncovered the confidence and creative boldness,
based on a wealth of experience and awareness of the need of non-stop
moving forward.

The exhibition's opening edition of 500 copies. was published art book
Nelly Baranchuk "(Vladimir, 2010).

The following year, the exhibition will take place in Kovrov Museum
employee is well aware of NE Baranchuk by years of her life in Kovrov.

The exhibition runs until November 28, 2010

From the works of NE Baranchuk also available at the following web pages:


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