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No - Ivan (1902-1980) - the representative of one branch of the family of the princes Golitsyn. Actor by trade, he took up painting seriously, participating in the wife, helping knowledge, advice, mentoring. However, inseparable 30 years, they walked on the world art from ancient times to the avant-garde in recent years. He taught Clara breadth of thought, brought up in it the spirit of freedom. He completely dismissed the wife, the artist of all domestic and material concerns, allowing her to concentrate fully on work. Ivan was extremely demanding. Sometimes, seeing that Clara is lazy, forcibly seated her easel. Sometimes himself for the company picked up pencils and paint. And it soon became clear that he was not only an actor but also an artist. So when he left ten years, Clara invited Ivan seriously take up painting: let him now he creates, but it will work.

In 1962, IV Golitsyn left the theater, and K. Golitsyn designed by the artist in the Design Institute - to illustrate space projects. In 1982, the day came when, having created his latest cosmic poem - a rocket, flying from the sea, Clara left the institute and returned to my favorite paintings.

As recently as last year, Claire has implemented its long-held dream, produced catalog of her husband, along with his work with the latest in one jacket.
Another example to many others, when a person is very busy painting in a very mature age.
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