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And one more word about Gaidar

Запись от Эммануил Гедеонович размещена 29.01.2010 в 15:21

Tried to answer the young man to Nicodemus in his diary, did not work. Am writing here ...

Chief editor of the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets "Pavel Gusev

January 24th, 12:50 Dear editor in chief!

January 22, 2010, in anticipation of the forty days from the date of death of Yegor Gaidar, in your newspaper published the text of Gavriil Popov, and Yuri Luzhkov, "One more word about Gaidar. Egor can not protect themselves, so I worked with him side by side for many years, I declare that this article - no more than a dirty, envious and malicious falsehood.
The style and level of articles do not allow to argue with the authors on the merits. Why Luzhkov and Popov published a lampoon, in general, of course, but this I do not want to discuss - I do not want to dig in the dirt. People are not shy to slander the dead, only cause disgust.
I am sure that neither lies nor slander can not detract from the fact that he committed Yegor Gaidar. We, for its part, will do everything possible so that people know the truth about him and his time.

On behalf of friends and associates of Yegor Gaidar

Anatoly Chubais

I read that article in the MK (with disgust!)!
What a mess in the minds of Luzhkov and Popov, horror!
Fully agree with Chubais!
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