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OLD INTERVIEW Alexander Brener

Запись от NZR размещена 15.08.2010 в 01:23

In the Network has recently discovered an interview with Alexander Brener, given his well-known journalist back in 2002.

This interview, in my opinion, adds new colors to the portrait of the artist-radical, anarchist artist, as he describes the press.

Alexander Brener:

At the tower drained to restore the Cathedral of Christ the Savior pool "Moscow" Brener publicly masturbate in front of a painting by Rembrandt (the error - in fact - Van Gogh - approx. Irakli tapir) in the Pushkin Museum presented the palm of his own excrement, in shorts and boxing gloves, was galloping on Calvary and called Boris Yeltsin "to righteous fight", broken bottles of ketchup a couple of windows in the embassy of Belarus. After this action Brener and went abroad. And soon again thundered throughout the art world, pririsovav nitrocellulose green dollar sign on the famous painting by Kazimir Malevich's "White Cross" at the Museum of Amsterdam. After his release in a Dutch prison Brener lived then in Vienna, then in London. And recently, he suddenly appeared in St. Petersburg with his gerlfrend, Austrian artist Barbara Schurz. They dwelt in the heart of Peter, on moss, near the Fontanka River and Nevsky. In a tiny room in a huge friend Brener, rooms for ten or a communal apartment with a window, looking in the "well". In a typical apartment house St.Pete mid last century, where a ceremonial flowers in faience tiles Nouveau hammered in the twenties screws electrical insulators. Over the years the lack of Brener in Russia his name is overgrown with a tangle of rumors and legends. On one of them, the cunning Brener chosen for its shares liberal Holland, to become famous, and in jail less. Since this hearing, and began our conversation.

- At first, I was prepared to do it in New York, the Museum of Modern Art. But at the last moment, in the morning, when I was going there already, my friend called and told me that he had spoken with a lawyer who told him that it would be eight years in prison. And I turned. For eight years I did not want to sit. Then I was unhappy that I did not do it. I lived in Paris, in Italy, in the catalog accidentally saw that there is such a job in Amsterdam and went there. I did not know whether there is a liberal prison.

- What is the meaning of this action?

- In different ways you can interpret. Depends on the time. Then I interpreted it as ludditskuyu share. Elementary, a simple gesture of destruction of the painting as the museum's property, property that is artsistema. By painting the sign, which means economic exploitation.

- What is the value of the picture?

- Do not remember. Whether 3,000,000, or 10. I remember that the figure I was appalled, I thought that for this may give an additional term, but let me just 5 months. But it was the biggest time for damage to the painting in Holland. And how much it costs, it is not important. Price depends on whether it refers to the prosecutor or lawyer. For me hangs a fine of about 10 thousand dollars but, as my lawyer, it is impossible to me to claim. My parents are in Israel are still receiving letters from Amsterdam with the requirement to pay this amount. Another court ruled that I could not appear in the museum for three years. Now the term has expired, and I can go freely to come and still do share.

- What are you in jail doing?

- Wrote a book, watching how the prison, making friends with people. Played tennis. He worked in the shop, doing all sorts of nuts. The Dutch prison - it is really very liberal and rational prison. The prisoners were not tortured, there is no personal relationship to them. Everything is arranged like a machine. After prison, I went to an exhibition in Vienna, where he met there with Barbara, and we started working together. We've done a lot together, has published five books, one in English. Among them, one very important to us, it is called "Tattoo on the prisons." It is published in two languages: German and Russian. This is a review of our actions, our work and theoretical notes on what theory we use for our work.

- Can you formulate it in a few words?

At that time, we have identified themselves as anarchists. This was in response to false liberal-left position, which thrives in artsisteme. Since all the artists in the international system is the institutional artists who work in large and liberal political context, they must, as is customary in the West, take some sort of political stance. Typically, this position levoliberalnaya with the principles of tolerance, free exchange. But in fact this system has its own strict laws, restrictions, discrimination, exclusion, etc. The position of the anarchist - an attempt to criticize these conditions artsistemy in terms of maximum freedom in terms of left radical praxis. Now we understand ourselves as a radical-democratic Marxists, who use the theory of Rosa Luxemburg and Gramsci, Deborah, well and Marx, of course. As Marxist theory more realistic, and anarchism in theory scarcely evolved since the days of Bakunin. Although this is a very lively praxis, which went through many stages, but theoretically more important for us now, Marxism.

- You sell your work?

Yes, the graphics. We have two gallery owner in Vienna and one in Berlin. Through them we sell our work on the $ 100 price is very democratic, and to them we really can not survive. In the year sell five or six figures. At the last Art-Moscow "Our Berlin galeristka sold one painting, and so far we have not received from her unhappy hundred dollars. Our gallery owners are bad, and we have no real hope of a professional existence.

-What do you live? (Brener little embarrassed.)

"We live on the modest resources that Barbara gets from his family.

- I do not understand why it is asking - irritation interferes in our conversation, Barbara Schurz. I'm starting to muddle explain that the audience is always interested in simple everyday issues. Barbara asks to emphasize that the rent they pay, and in St. Petersburg to live "a thousand times cheaper than in Vienna." A year of living in London when the money.

- We will survive through the gallery owners, at the expense of individual projects - interferes Brener. - There was a time when we survived at the expense of the money that got Barbara personally. Now it is over. Part of why we come here. We hope that here we are able to exist. In London it was impossible.

- How do you now think about the recent years, when the Russian radical art surged almost the whole world?

- I think that is a myth. No radical art does not exist.

- And what did you do?

- There were some practices. Critic Catherine Tar trying to call all Moscow Actionism, by association with the Viennese. This is a cheap gamble. There were some fragmented practices: here Kulik, here Brener, here's another one. For me first it was a simple protest against the conditions in which there is artistic environment in Moscow. Against the different elements of this existence. And then it became a political art, because I was moving at first unconsciously, and then more consciously towards a political understanding of culture and art. Now I am doing political art.

Five or seven years ago, except Brener at the Moscow art scene notoriety enjoyed artists Anatoly Osmolovsky, Alain Martynov, Avdei Ter-Oganyan, Oleg Mavromati. Kulik, "staged artistic experiments with the animal world, even posing for pictures during intercourse with animals, was a member of the dog in numerous exhibitions from Basel to New York and, sometimes breaking away from" art space ", attacking the bourgeois ladies and nibbled on them by the ankles . Anatoly Osmolovsky experimented with Soviet relics. On the Red Square with a group of artists laid obscenity of the three letters on the shoulder of Mayakovsky monument lit a cigar and, eventually, with the students "captured" the tribune of the Mausoleum and hung out there a slogan: "Against All". Ter-Oganyan and Mavromati were "artistic dialogue" with Orthodoxy. The first cut down the icons at the exhibition "Art Manege", and the second crucified herself on a cross. Authorities did not understand the dialogue, prosecuted, and Ter-Oganyan fled to Prague, and Mavromati - in Sofia. Oleg Kulik quite successfully now sells his photographs at the animal theme, Osmolovskii lives on the western grants and deals with the history and theory of contemporary art. With Kulik and Alexander Brener Osmolovsky participated several times in joint exhibitions, promotions and projects. But then in Moscow, Rotterdam and Ljubljana, he became a smash of his colleagues. Especially getting any of the works of Oleg Kulik.

Brener: - These people I do not respect him, despise. I think bad artists. A good artist - this is Pavel Filonov, who always insisted on its position and had never been betrayed, he lived from hand to mouth, did not sell his paintings, willed the paintings to the proletariat and tried to save its face. In waders or Osmolovsky there are no faces and no. As soon as I learned Osmolovsky, I realized that this type of Komsomol leader, that is nothing. Mavromati - it is petty bourgeois lumpen plus, absolutely cynical, calculating, but not smart. Another thing Avdey. This is an artist who has their own ideas about art. They are very romantic, old-fashioned and absurd. But it is absolutely honest. Therefore, it is now in Prague, it is very difficult, he is depressed, and no one helps.

- What will you do now in Petersburg?

- I organized this anti-authoritarian group (more precisely, as this seminar), which is trying to work with Marxist theory and the theory of self-organized groups such as "Black Panther", anarchists, etc. In order to use these theories in contemporary political situation in Russia in St. Petersburg.

- But the "Black Panthers" - this is an extremist organization.

"Black Panther" - people who brought blacks out of Harlem, from the ghetto. Dali's black liberation ideology, that gave them confidence. This was a motion to have responded to all the intellectual and Young America. They were political activists, and extremists and the terrorists called them the power and the media, ie apparatus of repression and exploitation. They had a slogan: "Self-defense for black people." They were handing out guns in black, so that they can defend themselves against arbitrary police and the U.S. administration.

- Who and from what Harlem is going to show you?

It was a historic example. Here are the connection of political and economic power, the oligarchic elements and completely shameful cultural normalization. Intellectuals, artists, writers agree with this political situation. We need to find those social groups that are ready to start a protest movement against this disgraceful political situation.

- This is a group of intellectuals?

- No, the real protest movement is possible only as a political and mass. This audience should be promoted, you need to go to universities, factories, do not know where ... On the street, to the homeless. (What is almost doomed.) Establishing contacts with those who feel oppressed. My entire life of an artist is built on a protest against the conditions which existed among the artists, but now I just realized, maybe even too late for such an adult, that in fact the culture and policies are linked. These are two models, which interact continuously and feed each other. In Russia, a new ideology, it is absolutely monstrous, disgusting. Any normal person should protest and fight. I want to become a political activist. Art - this is not enough. Too closed sphere, too weak language. We have to work more seriously. This situation requires. But how far this idea can be realized, I absolutely do not know. Because there are thousands of opportunities to send me out of here. But if it happens, I will continue to work on this in another city in another country. In fact, in the world there is a huge anti-capitalist movement, which began in Seattle and continues today. What we want to organize there, part of the global protest movement.

- Anti-globalization?

- This is wrong, because here we need to have specific goals aimed against the government. Although this power is made possible only thanks to the globalization of capitalism. But it is not anti-globalization movement, it must be specific.

Do you know that in modern political life in Russia parties and movements, even very radical, bought and sold, under certain political needs? You're not afraid, either directly or indirectly enter into this maelstrom? In this market?

- I can imagine. But there is a logic of groups and individuals. When there was a movement of Martin Luther King Jr., the leader should be killed, not to bribe. Movement of Gandhi nobody bought. Zapatista still nobody bought. The logic of such movements excludes those processes of which you speak. Private traitors, agents provocateurs, the collaborators are absolutely not important. They always have, but did not characterize the movement is real.

- You, I know, participated in the anti-globalization demonstrations in Prague. Is there more experience of political resistance?

- When we lived in London, then met a group of anarchists "Vombls" with them, we participated in the demonstrations. They have their own special tactics against police. In London, we had a project on technologies of resistance. It ended badly, a serious fight. Because they involved the Nazis. Do not institutionalized, but in spirit. The fight lasted about fifteen minutes, and then we ran out. And there the Nazis continued their orgy. This was a great channel for BBC.

- And Barbara beat?

- Barbara beat the other shares - in the famous London gallery of Charles Saatchi. There was an exhibition of the photographer with the Ukrainian Boris Mikhailov, he now lives in Berlin. It had huge photos of Russian beggars, syphilis, with vyvalennymi genitals. Vulgar, hideous picture, exploiting the Russian theme of poverty. It is absolutely obscene, depoliticized and venality. We are simply there began yelling. We did not want to spoil the wall that was not arrested and fined. This caused a monstrous irritation visitors. And was there a client that Barbara began to choke and beat me.

Gregory is not good


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