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Gogol "Selected Passages from Correspondence with Friends. Christian goes forward

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  A Christian is going ahead
(Letter to S. .... woo) [1]

My friend! consider yourself not only as a schoolboy and a student. I do not think you have been too old to learn, that your strength and achieved this maturity and development, and that the nature of your soul and have already received this form and may not be the best. For a Christian not the finished course, he's always up to the student and disciple of the coffin. As usual, the natural course of a person attains full development of his mind in thirty years. From thirty to forty something else like go ahead with their forces; on this same date in it, nothing is moving, and everything they have produced not only better than before, but even weaker and colder than before. But for a Christian that does not exist, and where the other limit of perfection, there for him it is just beginning. Most capable and most gifted of people pass for forty years of age, tupeyut, tired and weakened. Will go to all the philosophers and the first universally geniuses: the best time for them was only when their full of courage, then they have survived a little out of his mind, and in old age have fallen, even in infancy. Think about Kant, who in recent years obespamyatel did and died as a child [2]. But the revision of the life of all the saints: you will see that they grow stronger in mind and spiritual strength to the extent that, as approaching senility and death. Even those who by nature do not have any brilliant gifts and considered life simple and stupid, then amazed by reason of his speeches. Why is this? Because they have always remained the one seeking power, which is usually the case with every human being only in the summer of his youth, when he sees before him feats for which the award of general applause, when he was dreaming of gleaming expanse having a zamanku for boys. Faded before him the distance and exploits - faded and power seeking. But before the Christian shines eternally distance and seen the eternal feats. He, like youth, hunger for the battle of life; it have something to fight and where earnestly, because his view of himself, continually enlightening, it opens up new flaws in himself with which to produce new battle. Because all of its forces not only can not sleep in it, or weaken, but still excited continuously, but the desire to be the best and deserve the applause of heaven makes him such spurs, which can not give naisilneyshemu ambitious man of his insatiable ambition. Is the reason why a Christian then goes forward when the others back, and why is it, more and more intelligent.
The mind is not the highest in our ability. His post no more than a police officer: he could only put in order and arrange for all the places that we already have. He did not dvignetsya forward, until dvignutsya in us all other abilities, from which he umneet. Abstract readings, reflections and continually hearing of all the science courses make him just too little to go forward, sometimes it even suppresses it, mixing his unique way of development. It is much more dependent on mental states is: as soon as zabushuet passion, he suddenly goes blind and stupid, but if the soul is at peace and not in full swing, no passion, he clears himself and acts intelligently. Reason is a much higher capacity, but she gained not only as a victory over the passions. He had in his only those people who are not neglected their domestic education. But the mind does not give full opportunity to seek the man forward. There is still the supreme power, her name - wisdom, and it can give us the one Christ. It is not endowed with any of us at birth, none of us have a natural, but it is a matter of supreme grace of heaven. Anyone who already has the mind and the mind can not otherwise obtain wisdom as we pray for her day and night, begging day and night for her God, elevating his soul to the dove's gentleness and removing all the possibilities within themselves to purity, to take this celestial visitor, who is frightened of homes that do not come in the order of spiritual economy, and there is no full agreement in all. If she enters the house, then starts for man heavenly life, and he understands all the wonderful sweetness of being a disciple. Everything becomes a teacher, the whole world for his teacher: the most insignificant of people can be for him a teacher. From the Board of the easiest it will extract the wisdom of the Council; stupid subject thereto will be his wise side, and the whole universe in front of him would be like a open book exercise: more than anyone else would he draw from it the treasures, because more than anyone would hear that he was a disciple . But unless he vozmnit though for a moment that his teaching is over, and he is no longer a student, and he offended whose whatever lesson or sermon, wisdom suddenly taken away from him, and he will remain in the dark, like King Solomon in his last days .


1. This letter is addressed, apparently, Stepan Petrovich Shevyryov (1806-1864), poet, critic, historian of literature, one of the closest friends of Gogol. F. Chizhov in the third volume complete works of Nikolai Gogol (Moscow, 1867) argues that, under the designation "Sh .... woo" should be understood Shevyryov.
And under, and the sequence of presentation of ideas that this letter coincides with the passage of the first chapter of the second volume of "Dead Souls", where Gogol is a pedagogical concept of Alexander Petrovich - the first coach Tentetnikov. Initially, and in fact and in another text refers to the impact on the unconscious side of man, namely the initiation of "ambition". This is followed by reflection on the intellectual levels of the ascent, and the "mind" and "mind" correspond to the letters in the poem "simple mind" and "supreme intelligence" - "which wins people's passions," as Alexander Petrovich. What is lacking in only the first teacher Tentetnikov most important thing - the desire to send their students to master the "wisdom" - the third stage of ascent, designated in this letter - and this prevents seeing it, despite the traditional view is that "perfect" hero.
March 2 n. Art. 1843 Gogol, after reading published in the Journal of the Ministry of Education "article SP Shevyrov" On the relation of family life education to the public ", wrote to him:" Do you <...> and not even suspect that the article your are many, many to aspire to my mind, but when will the continuation of "Dead Souls", then you will know the truth and meaning of these and you'll see how we came together, never apart, and not arguing with each other. "
Thus, a certificate FV Chizhov that this article is addressed to SP Shevyryov.

2. The German philosopher Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) died in a state of senile dementia.
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