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Flowers of good.In the garden.

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This is a small attempt to write an essay .

Flowers of good.

In this such a fragmented and contradictory world want to find something that can unite people,Nations,countries...The elementary particles of goodness that people look equally happily,that gives warmth to the human soul..House,nature,art ... Man looks at the proud beautiful animals in the wild or caresses domestic cats and dogs,enjoys the singing of birds,the chirping of grasshoppers. And,of course,admires the beautiful scenery;mountains,sea,steppe or forest-all the grace and balance. Flowers-Oh,it's a special kind of beauty! Flowers accompany us everywhere since the very first day of his birth. Flowers-mom! And the first feeling of love,flowers and such vibrant fragrance! I guess there's nothing in life like flowers that can Express the inexpressible.The joy of the soul where words are superfluous..Or sorrow,when it said it all..
Flowers and artists.They are always somewhere nearby.The symbolism of Dutch floral still life,where each image of the flower,its appearance,quantity, color-already coded message that makes the artist unique and important mediator in the subtle relationships and ladies of his time. Flowers and artists together forever. Remember some pictures when painted flowers and the artist's hand and together the history. "Sunflowers" by van Gogh, water Lilies by Monet, rose Fontaine - Latour, Renoir bouquet and munkácsi...
In the garden. The garden has its own life,since first coming out from under the snow of primroses and crocuses,and to consider some difficult-hitting from everywhere the sun's rays. Beautiful white and yellow daffodils clouds stood in the morning mist,solemn tulips and weeping red tassels "broken hearts"..And here comes the feast of Midsummer,where the chords paints come in full force. Major poppies,irises with an Asian accent,hats fragrant peonies,delicate prettiness of elegant roses-all,literally all require close attention and worship...Second half of the summer at least good. Bees constantly buzzing in the Bush loosestrife,butterfly on rudbeckia and Echinacea, blue bars delphinium. Here she lives life in his colorful fullness.Evening , in the garden color and reveals an amazing friend a long time ago,since childhood, the aroma of my grandmother's Phlox...Coming autumn.The spicy smell of helenium,late roses. The swallows flew away from their nests under the roof. "Golden balls"-to cheer up! Tired plums are falling right under your feet,krasnyuschee bunches of Rowan...Soon the break,it is necessary to gain strength before new spring.
But now let's return to our faithful friends,though more modest,to houseplants,which so well in the comfortable English arm chair near the fireplace,which is now going to give our love,to listen winter Wonderland and a summer to remember,captured in the paintings.
And spring! Again the blue crocuses,yellow,white make their way onto warmed by the first heat Islands of the earth.Again life again joy in endless harmony.

Peter Flowers,August-April 2014-15.
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