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Medieval symbolism 4

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It turned backwards, what to do ...
Begin to watch the "medieval symbolism 1".

Four-pointed stars
Its shape resembles a cross. This is sometimes portrayed the star of Bethlehem which led the Magi to the newborn Christ. Reminiscent of both the birth of Christ and of his destiny.

The five-pointed, or pentagram
In Christianity, points to the five wounds of Christ on the Cross (the symbol is much older and has a set of values). The upside is associated with a satanic ritual.

Six-pointed, or hexagram

Star of the Creator, reminiscent of the six days of creation. Now known as the Star of David, a symbol of modern Israel.

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The symbol of the seven gifts of the Spirit.

Eight -

Eight - the number of regeneration. Symbol of law and the law. With eight rays also represent the star of Bethlehem.

Nine -
It symbolizes the nine gifts of the Spirit.

Twelve -
Means the 12 tribes of Israel and 12 apostles.

It is believed that St. Andrew considered himself unworthy to be crucified, like Christ, and asked to cross the other form. The symbol of humility and suffering.

The name comes from the cross - "key of life". It symbolizes eternal life. In Christian symbolism came from the ancient Egyptian cults because of the similarity with the cross.

Byzantine Cross

Used in worship of the Greek Orthodox Church.

East Cross
Use of the Russian Orthodox Church. The value of oblique beam interpreted differently. According to one legend, the feet of Jesus were of different lengths, on the other - in an earthquake after the death bracket straight.

Greek cross
Ancient, with the same length of slats.

Notched Cross
Heraldic cross, reminiscent of the battles, and therefore used as a symbol of the militant church.

Jerusalem Cross
This delicate cross is composed of four tau crosses representing the Old Testament, and the four Greek crosses, representing the New Testament. It symbolizes the missionary work of the church.

Ionic cross
This form of cross used in the XVI century on the island of Iona St. Columbus, paying locals to Christianity.

Irish Cross
One of the oldest, used by Celtic Christians in Britain.

Baptismal cross
Cross with the letter "chi", which begins with the name of Christ. Eight ends of the cross, as the figure 8, - a symbol of rebirth.

Cross Patriarchs
Church Cross, who often wore patriarchs.

Cross crucifixion
Three steps to the cross signifies Calvary or, more often, faith, hope and love.

Cross Birth
With a star shape, like the story of Jesus' birth and the prediction of the purpose for which he was born.

Cross passions
The narrow ends reminiscent of the suffering of Christ during the crucifixion.

Cross of the Trinity, as the shamrock symbolizes the Trinity.

Cross Fleur de Lis
Reminiscent of the Trinity and resurrection.

Cross anchor
The symbol of Christian hope. Also, the emblem of St. Clement, bishop of Rome, which was tied to an anchor and thrown into the sea by the Emperor Trajan.

Latin cross
The most common, recalls the suffering of Christ for the sins of the world.

Maltese cross
Eight of the "peak" of the cross - a symbol of rebirth.

Papal Cross
This cross can not use nobody, except the Pope. Three bars - the three crosses of Calvary. Or three spheres of papal authority: the church, world and heaven.

Intersected cross
Indicates the spread of the Gospel on all four sides of the world.

Tau Cross
The Old Testament cross. He put on the doors of the houses the Israelis on the eve of the Exodus from Egypt. Later - the cross of St. Anthony.

Triumphal Cross
It symbolizes the ultimate victory of Christianity.

Apple Cross
Nodes resembling apples are the fruits of Christian life.

Symbol of unity and loneliness.

Indicates the dual nature of Christ: human and divine.

The number of the Trinity.

The number of apostles.

The number of victims - many of wounds received Jesus, crucified on the cross.

The number of creation - God created the earth in 6 days. But also the number of imperfections in comparison with the family.

seven sins
  7 angels
The number of perfection and rest. There are seven gifts of the Spirit, the seven sins, seven seals, seven churches in Revelation, etc.

Number of resurrection.

The number of secrets or angels: The Bible mentions nine likah angels.

The number of commandments.

A number that represents a danger. At the same time there is a parable of salvation in Christ, "the eleventh hour."

The number of the apostles and the tribes of Israel. Often used as a symbol of the whole church.

Number of betrayal - the Last Supper was attended by 13 people.

The number of tests. Forty days and nights Flood lasted forty years the Israelites wandered in the desert, forty days Christ was in the desert.

Number of abundance, fullness and completeness.

Unimaginable large number of eternity.
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