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Запись от Черномашенцев Владимир размещена 06.09.2009 в 13:26

The world is never certain things. You can take my departure from the forum defeat - as you like, the fact is your full right. You can take care of the victory - so if someone like to think. But nervous because of the fight with virtual characters - pardon me! And I'm not so young to enjoy Internet chat rooms, lack of communication in life with a vengeance.

      I got on this forum by accident about a month ago. And immediately attacked by old-timers, excitement caused me to defend itself, sustain life-quenching allowed pressure and quickly understand who is-who. I have no illusions nor on the shapes of virtual enemies, or on persons virtual allies. I planned that will go away in early August, but podzaderzhalsya with excitement while playing a computer game. But the boy had enough of! Month of amused sort of computer game, has mastered the interface, met with virtual characters, to understand the rules of the game, successfully podnakopili bonuses - and fairly. Spending time and effort to bring order to a free forum and is not worth it. In addition there are moderators and administrators - they know better what to do on the site owned by the company. Frankly, I just decided to take advantage of the moment to remove myself from the Internet needles, too much time has to go on a virtual "world of art." All the same, but much more I can easily find in books and albums without the risk of stumbling on the rudeness and snobbery of anonymous characters without a name and profession. Bury read secondary information, scanned from books or torn from the network - meaning what? Choose relevant information from piles of empty ore - heavy (but sometimes entertaining) exercise. Yes, sometimes you learn the new names of the millions of names previously unknown to me artists. Thank you for useful information, but too much effort and nerves, it is worth .. But I would have recognized them anyway, sooner or later by buying the correct book or album of art.

      What a classic he said, they say, the whole world - the theater. For example, it was Shakespeare. Unable to play a show for all segments of society, especially if that society does not like you get active. Someone will understand my withdrawal perverse, somebody will evaluate the merits. Rate, probably the smaller part. For those people I tried to play a mono-play in the virtual theater of shadows and puppets. Alas, the current state of the forum, it is sometimes noisy and sometimes maloslovnye and pointedly silent, but often maloprofessionalnye regulars (COP Co sellers of art) does not allow me to give serious consideration to the forum. Tossing in front of a dozen others, narcissistic characters beads - not the case. Gathering a small group of individualists who can not find myself liking this company in life - their forum is the only crack in the world. Normal people would not be rude, they are able to take someone else's opinion, they are able to think ... I am sure that many such people among the registered participants of the forum. Moreover - the overwhelming majority! But, as usual, an active and grouped the minority creates a distinctive atmosphere.

      It should not be taken too seriously, my striking departure, which, alas, few were able to estimate because of the total removal of the two themes, which broke out and all quite artificial, I confess, fuss. I do not think that this latest entry in my diary last. I thought that I wrote for Jasmin good and emotional text to which it is impossible to answer honestly, provided that he is a normal citizen of a country. I naively thought that I could put them in a corner from which there is only one way [for a normal person]. But experiments showed that these virtual beings have no right to call themselves human beings. Why should you continue to communicate with them and with their environment? In mathematics, the lack of solutions is a solution to the problem. I abruptly became clear that for most permanent and most active forumistov important to only one - his own opinion and "thank you" from other visitors.

      Here is an example: I go to another city and forced to spend an evening at the station. In a dark corner I see a company vagabonds who smell bad, uncultured expressed in a hideous dress, but their soul requires communication. They come to me and give birth to goofy conversation. What? The correct solution is one - to pass by, well, can still be called a policeman and clearly put before him the task of establishing order. So the Internet - can not normally living people spend so much time on the virtual, it is easier to step aside.


  I am sure that for the spectator, who did not attend the forum in the evening 05 September 2009, all of the above would be completely incomprehensible.

Consider this entry epitaph over the tomb of "virtual suicide". Goodbye.
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