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Oleg Kashin: "Russia for the Russian"

Запись от Кирилл Сызранский размещена 06.04.2011 в 21:40

Oleg Kashin: "Russia for Russian»

Lecture that Russia will soon no longer be

on March 24 in Moscow club "Color of Night" journalist Oleg Kashin gave a lecture at an embarrassment to the educated ear called "Russia for the Russian." OPENSPACE.RU publishes transcript of this controversial speech and of the ensuing discussion.
Oleg Kashin: Today the stated theme of the lecture as "Russia for the Russian." And at first I thought to talk about what was Manege, there is growing nationalism, start the elections and probably will be played the nationalist card. But, by and large, it is empty, contrived history, and was even offended, that's so like a civil human being, as easily after the Manege, many carriers of the culture of which I spoke at the last lecture in the "Color of Night" about hipstersky protest, immediately after
Manege suddenly started saying that "no, we do not need democracy because it will make the surface here this grim, the nationalist wave. It was insulting and unpleasant. Because, of course, the so-called surge of nationalism that we have in the past ten years there, and Manezhnaya 2002, and the success of "homeland" in the elections of 2003, all of this completely artificial and does not apply to the real agendas. Me and my fellow anti-fascists often argue. They say: "That's Sova Center, a center to combat extremism, publishes a news bulletin, and we see that every day in Moscow and Russia committed crimes motivated by ethnic hatred." In fact, in this kind of summaries of no less manipulation than in reports of the site DPNI, which in the same mode, publish reports of crimes against the Russian committed migrant workers and Caucasians. Any information flow is designed so that from it if you want you can isolate the news by any method. And if tomorrow we zainteresuemsya crimes committed ginger people or people who do not have one finger, we are also able to arrange a viewing and to prove for everyone who grows, you know, a growing number of crimes committed by red. It is therefore not wish to speak on this topic, it seems to me far-fetched, empty. And the slogan "Russia for the Russian" I will literally be considered: what is Russia, who are Russian and they live in it?

Here's an example from personal experience. Recently I was in the Stavropol Territory, and wrote an abstract story - there is the invasion of wolves, which eat the local sheep. And such a home an episode that will not be included in the report, I found him incredibly revealing, this was not even five years ago. Big, rich, well-fed rural district of the Stavropol Territory, Kochubei area, its center - the village Kochubeevskoe, the regional center, in this regional center is managing the administration of agriculture. The head of this administration, this is absolutely typical of this region the type of good agricultural entrepreneur, a former collective farm chairman, the 39-year-old man in a jacket, tie and a fur cap, which carries us through the fields, all the shows and then calls us to his guests home for lunch. He lives not in this village, because life in this village enough cattle, and in the neighboring city of Nevinnomyssk, in his new home where five-room apartment with a Jacuzzi, two toilets - in a word, here is a representation of the local district officials on the chic and wealth . And he introduces us to its old son and said: "Right now I want to send to study in Prague, because, you know, man, this country has no future. And I, of course, insulting, because my grandparents are buried here, great-grandmother, they all Cossacks, and here is a sword of his grandfather, which he gave to his father before the war, and so it is sad, but I understand if my son will live here, nothing good with it will not, so I send him to study at the University of Prague, in English, that he lived on in the Anglo-Saxon world. " Somehow I was extremely upset it. This kind of sentiment, I think, is the mood of Russian living in Russia, their attitude to Russia, their vision for the future of Russia, which apparently did not.

Before the New Year, giving an interview to the Novosibirsk edition of the Taiga. Info ", I replied to a request to wish for something to readers of this publication as a joke said that when Siberia separated from the rest of Russia, I wish you to keep the visa-free travel for people from European countries, because we love to Novosibirsk, and we want to go here without visas. They carried this quote in the title, and that for some reason it still flickers in the compilations with titles like "Faces of the Jewish liberal fascism." But I wonder is, not because it faces a Jewish liberal fascism, but because it is this phrase caught the greatest part of readers of this interview, according to his discussions on this site. This is a sore subject, and two months later, speaking in Ekaterinburg, I encountered the same phrase is uttered with a completely straight face. In Yekaterinburg, the organizers of the meeting I was asked: "You know, none of the local does not disappear, but you tell me, because you leave and you will be nothing that is willing and Urals visa-free travel." I said it with pleasure and caused some applause.

I come from Kaliningrad, and when I went there eight years ago, in 2003, the pendulum has swung sentiment of the local intelligentsia, in principle, completely in sync with the all-Russian sentiments, and then it was fashionable to say: "We are - part of Russia, we - the empire, we - Russian, which is at the forefront, and yet here we are, Russia would stand like a rock. " Years passed. Now even the local leader of United Russia, the head of the city of Kaliningrad, Alexander Yaroshuk, which, of course, repeats all the rhetoric about rising from his knees to Russia, while always said that we are guided in their reactions, not Moscow, but in Europe. Here we have in the regional Duma has free entry for all citizens so that they could attend the meetings, both in the British Parliament, and in general we are Europeans. Now in Kaliningrad said: "I went to Russia." That is, Kaliningrad - this is not Russia. Or here is the same Stavropol ... There were also these three years ago the mood, fighting with the Chechens, people threw off from their savings at the monument to General Ermolov, it seemed to me that these sentiments will grow. But compared to the year 2007 Local DPNI blown away, blown away by the local Slavic Union, and the nationalists there classic, in fact, no. And the monument to General Ermolov stands as a remnant of the previous era, when it was fashionable to say that we - are Russian, we - Russia, we are - a great empire. Now that the Stavropol Territory was transferred to the new North Caucasus Federal District of the Southern Federal District, is deaf irritation. This is understandable, because in these districts will be cut by future decomposed Russia, and, accordingly, unfortunately stavropolchan, they handed over to the future of the caliphate, Ramzan Kadyrov.

Perhaps now those words sound absurd, because the country is to question the future of Russia, as mentioned in the Bialowieza agreement as a "geopolitical realities". But from the mass of observations about the attitude of Russians to their country, I would have done quite a sad conclusion is that the unity of the decade, the Putin Russia has ceased to be an absolute value. And for many in general Russia has ceased to be valuable, because those of one million per year, departing for permanent residence - this is also a problem that now for some reason is not a top of the news agenda. And I think each of us have friends and acquaintances who have something to buy in Bulgaria, Montenegro and the Dominican Republic, went back and did not return any time soon.

For people who were born and raised in the Soviet Union, he seemed unshakable. And probably worth a look at the situation of contemporary Russia, as if we looked at the Soviet Union from 1983 when it was hard to imagine that eight years later he was gone. President Medvedev was leaving for Davos brings video to your participation pro ski resorts of the North Caucasus with the slogan "Stability in the century, it is mocking and parodic. But actually, seriously think about the centuries of stability, perhaps, would be worth to devote more than a year of all state business infrastructure in the future Great Russia from Smolensk to Vladimir, which probably, sooner or later will be limited to just such a space. Because the centers of federal districts, the same Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, in principle, occupy the country is the same place, which in the Soviet Union occupied Kiev, Minsk, Tbilisi - a potential new capital of other countries.

This is very much felt in the same Yekaterinburg. Three years ago it was the usual regional center. Now being carried out there by regular summits and the future (as they claim), the exhibition "Expo-2020" is a feeling that it's Kiev late eighties, which will soon become a separate capital. Maybe it's my obsession, but it looks like that everywhere, in large regional centers, over one million people, Moscow is about to cease to be the place to which they are guided as to the source, economic and mental. We - nedoraspavshayasya empire. And sooner or later must end this process of disintegration. Completely wild seems to me that within a country get on such a different, literally, the state, as St. Petersburg and Dagestan. This is not a single country, not "big and great Russia," they are different countries.

At the time, I repeatedly stated my favorite idea: why we are so unhappy with Ramzan Kadyrov? After two wars going smoothly for the fact that Chechnya remained Russia that Chechnya was loyal to Moscow regime. So please, in Chechnya is loyal to Moscow regime in Chechnya - a part of Russia. Why are we outraged when Chechen policemen, who many seem to be more like a field commander in central Moscow Chechen police kill others? After all, it only proves that the war was successful. But judging by the statements blogerskih ideology of nationalism, the radical nationalist Konstantin Krylov to moderately pro-Kremlin Yegor Kholmogorova, for all of them now seems indisputable that Russia will be able to develop normally but without the Caucasus. And he thinks of Tatarstan, Bashkortostan thinks?

Once again, back to where to begin. In modern Russia there is no tangible inter-ethnic contradictions. If tomorrow will disappear from the streets and the police open day will begin killing, it is unlikely these killings will be held in the form of ethnic cleansing, conflicts will not transnational, but rather interclass. But within that Russia has more than a dozen national public associations of other nations, and in each ethnic region, whether Tatarstan, Ingushetia, or even of Karelia, a new generation of local residents brought up not so much in the spirit of separatism, but in the spirit of denial in Russia.

I have a local hobby. I'm from each trip cite the literature on local history. There is such a multi-volume encyclopedia "and Ingush Ingushetia in the Russian and Ingush languages. I bought a random fact about the Soviet history of Ingushetia, and there was a wonderful chapter on the regional committee secretary, who was so in 1929, killed local ABREKS, cut off his head, his headless body was found, and caught these abreks. And they judge, yet those vegetarian times, an open trial, and they have a right to speak out in this court. And the judge asked these people, the Ingush: "Tell me where you Delhi Kills Provincial Committee Secretary?" And they respond to the court: "He had no head." And then the author of this focused on the education of the Ingush identity Encyclopedia writes that "even in the darkest years of our people was typical of subtle humor."

Or take the RT. For us in Moscow opposition Shaimiev and Boris Yeltsin in the early nineties - not even an element of contemporary history. In the book, and the lines will not be about what Shaimiev refused to sign the federal treaty in 1992 - and has not signed it. But two years ago I brought from Kazan, a pack of different books, and all local history books is the episode when Shaimiev, speaking on television, announced that Tatarstan would not sign a federal treaty. According to the propaganda of Tatarstan, it was a huge step in the development of the national sovereignty of the Tatar people, a step towards future independence. And children who grow up on this literature, will be even less integrated into this already polufantomnuyu unified the Russian Federation. And when this generation educated in post-Soviet Tatarstan, will be his power, I think, Tatarstan, as well as the Caucasus, will cease to be a part of Russia.

Several years ago, when Nikita White became governor of the Kirov region, I spoke with one of Vyatka his colleague and asked him vprobros: "What do you think, what in general should expect in politics, in our social life?" To which he said: "You you know, all hope for a big war in the Caucasus. Because the country another war would break down and disintegrate, and in some parts of it, drop off will probably be a good life. But here in Vyatka, will always be assholes because, apparently, the Vyatka such a fate. " Then I laughed at his words, I now think that another prediction about the future of our country I do not. And, perhaps, in this introductory part of our conversation, I will finish, and let's move on to questions.

1-st spectator ^ Do you really believe in the possibility of this scenario or is it still a utopia?

OK: Well, we remember the brochure Amalric "Will the Soviet Union Survive Until 1984?". You can imagine how it was perceived then, in 1980, a perfect fantasy, but Amalric was right. Maybe it really sounds utopian, but that apart
"First Channel", seriously brings people inhabiting the area from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok? Nothing. Here are my countrymen, Kaliningradians, go for furniture in the Ikea, which is located in Gdansk. And I think no matter how the map looked like the borders of Europe, they still will go to Gdansk for the chairs, but not in Moscow. Why do they need Moscow? Moscow need only to Muscovites. Russia - Russian for Moscow - for the Muscovites.

1-th viewer: And as a purely politically could happen this decay?

OK: Somewhere, in some reserve will meet several key governors have signed the second contract Bialowieza, and all. The collapse of the Soviet Union was legally formalized this way: the delegation of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus out of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union, he was unable to gain a quorum and giknulsya. I think all will be well at ease.

1-th viewer: And the current vertical nothing hindrance?

OK: And from the very beginning was worth nothing. What is vertical? Luzhkov's poor shooting for 20 years and barely taken off. And these people, ingrown roots, as Darkin in Primorye, which will always be in power, the Kremlin is no longer dependent, such governors here ... There is a new myth in recent years that under Medvedev have to get rid of old heavyweights put faceless new governors are fully obliged Moscow. Not completely, they are obliged to Moscow. The only example in favor of the regions controlled - is the resignation of 44-year old governor of Kamchatka, about whom the Kremlin source said it was a boy from St. Petersburg, or nephew, or great-nephew, Victor Ivanov, a former assistant to the president, now the head of Federal Drug Control Service. So the boy from St. Petersburg failed to cope with severe and complex people living in Kamchatka. Or is there such Kaliningrad boy, nobody knows Tsukanov Nicholas, who became head of the region. Formally, he is everything to the party "United Russia", he was appointed, of course, no one ever picked, it first saw when he became governor. But the Kremlin has for him now is a clear burden. Because resignation Luzhkov showed that the untouchables leaders in the region for the Kremlin is not, and if tomorrow happens a local conflict - a formal occasion, which was Khimki timber for Luzhkov - the man the Kremlin is not needed, despite any merits or its membership to "United Russia". And I think, relatively, on the second or third Luzhkov Kremlin stumble, the governor does not want to leave, and say: 'My people, my people Penza, follow me. "

2-th viewer: Tell me, if we imagine a situation that Russia is divided into federal regions, which regions you would have predicted a brighter future?

OK: Well, I guess, Central Federal District without oil would feel a little worse than felt, and in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug will be all right. That, incidentally, is also an interesting point. In the last 5-7 years from time to time on such an informal, but a prominent European level, break out discussion on the fate of the Circassians. Say, the Russian Black Sea, Sochi and Novorossiysk - it's actually the land of Circassians, who survived the genocide, and the Olympics do not need to spend, because it's someone else's land.


Or else.
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