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Basic course in drawing! Start date March 31!

Запись от Wishon размещена 21.03.2011 в 17:20

If you want to learn to draw and do not know where to start - start with the Basic course drawing Schools Wishon!
Basic course in drawing is designed for those who want to start painting or going to improve their skills. Education drawing - is surprisingly creative and exciting process that captures the student entirely. This course provides an excellent opportunity to go step by step towards the creation of pictures, starting with a clean cloth, a smooth transition in shape, light, perspective and composition.
The course of the famous artist Ilya Kukushkina you develop a sense of visual perception and learn how to correctly pass the surrounding reality through a variety of logistical resources. Will also provide you with the specifics of image transmission in the major genres of painting: portrait, still life, landscape, interior, abstraction.
In addition to learning the basic techniques of working with texture and anatomical study of constructing a portrait of the School Drawing Course WishOn help you understand and feel the symbolism of art works and develop your own unique style.
Bright touch to the learning process will be visiting the exhibition. Together with Ilya Kukushkin you a closer look and analyze the outstanding works by famous artists. Visiting the museum gives you the opportunity to understand the essence of art, both in traditional and contemporary forms.
Start date will be March 31, 2011 in the department of the school, located at Art. Metro Kurskaya. Classes will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 19:30 to 22:30 hours. Duration of the course for six weeks.
Awaken the artist within themselves, mix paint your opportunities and desires, aspirations and good humor, and all that you have in mind to become reality!
To sign up for a course, please visit http://www.wishon.ru/ or call +7 (495) 782-61-58
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