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Запись от Марат Гельман размещена 28.11.2011 в 15:24

I actually organized a Press Conference for this purpose . Red Chelovechiki - a project to let one important building. We have prepared a draft five streets of Perm. %Of the best teams - each has its own street .

And as I said the following CN :

1. Political scientists have recognized the power of art EDRa and stated that if we remove the CN they get extra 10%in the election. I think it's absurd but I give them the opportunity to prove their case.

2. We have removed the CN . If EDRo pick in the Perm region is 10%more than the national average - they were right and find another meschto CN . If not - CN will return to his seat .

So even gave some figures showing that all who spoke about the budget money - speculators

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