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90 years since the birth of Anton KASHSHAYA

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On the 90 th anniversary of the birth of Antonio MIKHAILOVICH KASHSHAY
Honored Artist of Ukraine
People's Artist of Ukraine
24/02/1921 - 30/12/1991 years.

24 FEBRUARY marks 90 years since the birth Anton Mikhailovich KASHSHAYA, one of the recognized classics of Ukrainian fine art, famous artist of the Transcarpathian region. Amazing, brilliant career of the master glorified his name during his lifetime. Art and the human destiny of the artist was happy - the recognition and prestige of the outstanding masters of the landscape came to him early in his artistic path, and accompanied him throughout his life.
He was born in 1921 in a village in Dubrynichi Perechyn region of Transcarpathia. Father - Michael Kashshay - was a forester, and dedicated his life to the Carpathian forests. He began to take the boy into the woods as soon as he grew up a bit. In addition, his father was a talented artist - a lover, and therefore draw Anton Kashshay began with the earliest childhood years.
In 1929 the family moved to Kashshay Uzhgorod. Little Anton goes to school where he teaches a famous artist and teacher Iofip Bokshay. The wizard quickly found the boy in the drawings present a gift and put it under his tutelage. Already later became acquainted with other prominent artists of Transcarpathia in those years - Adalbert Erdelyi, Fedor Manaylo and Yemelyan Grabowski. Over time, in the face of these great masters, he finds not only a brilliant teacher who will help him get a European level of artistic education, but these mentors, who will have a direct effect on his outlook as an artist and person. Anton Kashshay organically entered the circle of young artists who coalesced around A. Erdely, I. Bokshay, E. Grabovsky and F. Manaylo - still young, but has gained prominence Kotsky A., A. Boretsky, Z. Sholtes, E. Kontratovicha and others.
In 1939, Anton Kashshay finished his studies at the gymnasium. He dreamed about further training at the Budapest Academy of Arts, or in America, but the war started, and training had to be aborted. First he goes to work in forestry, then settles in the financial planning department, where he worked until 1945, and by which he is exempted from compulsory military operation. All these years, he has not forgotten about the matter of life - continues to draw, whenever possible, meet with teachers and other artists.
In 1945, he still decided on the dramatic changes and goes from the finance department for the sake of creativity. It was a very difficult step, considering the time and situation - he was already married, and received small but guaranteed salary in the financial department. But the thirst for painting turns out to be stronger. He has a lot of work. He is supported by senior artists. In 1946 he admitted to the Union of Soviet Artists of Ukraine, who headed then A. Erdely, and the executive secretary was Alexander Kotzk. In parallel, since 1945, it works, and fruitfully, director of artistic production plant Arts Fund of Ukraine. And in 1947 the regional exhibition in Uzhgorod exhibited his work "Cottage in Domanitsah" which draws attention to the artist now. In 1947 he was dismissed from his post as director of the plant, and is only concerned with painting. By the early 50's, he creates paintings that are at once raised his name to the level of outstanding masters of the time - it's painting "Winter in the Carpathians", "Under the Mountain," "Early Spring", "Last Snow", "Sunny Day" "Trees," "On the river, Oh", "Spring in the Carpathians", "Autumn," "coniferous forest", "After the Rain" and other works. Comes the first real success - the work on display at national trade shows, and then-Union in Moscow. Painting "Winter in the Carpathians" (1952) was acquired by the Tretyakov Art Gallery, and even in those years entered the golden fund of Ukrainian artistic heritage. A little later the artist's works are to replenish the collection of many other museums.
In the late 40's and 50's of his work are quite realistic - brilliant, strong, well-recognizable paintings are executed with great skill and amazing technicality. But by the early 60's he began to find its own language - a great temperament, gorgeous possession coloristics no longer fit within the usual realistic format. A great influence on his trip to Russia for joint open-air artists, as well as creative artists travel to Italy, Norway and Japan. Invaluable support provided by J. Bokshay, F. Manaylo, O. Boretsky, A. Kotzk. Joint meetings with senior artists, hiking in the open air big company gatherings, where they talk a lot, argue, discuss. All this forms a special creative atmosphere in Uzhgorod, which positively affects the formation of the author's language of many young artists at the time, and Kashshaya including. If, in the mid 60's brushwork Kashshaya become more relaxed, relaxed, and in the painting appear more bold colors, in the early 70's in his works appear canvases, which exploded the conventional sense of the traditional painting. Bright, luminous, powerful canvases surprise. They continue to impress the high culture of painting, the ease with which created the virtuosity and astonishing beauty. But now he can afford all - feeling a sense of tone and color combinations such that the blade literally exude light. None of the young artists who studied under him at the time, unable to repeat it. Culture colors, alignment of tracks was a fantastic high - it is equally possible to say about the other Transcarpathian artists of those years - Gluck, Gabda etc. This is now in the pictures Transcarpathian artists dominate nowhere now involved aniline pink-purple tones, crazy green decorative and theatrical sometimes simply Cartoons - did not seem to one who had to learn. And then dominated the first high scenic and artistic culture. In any case, it was in the late 60's and early 70's. there are paintings Kashshaya that brought him real fame. His artistic language is improved in the 70's and 80's. He still rides in the open air. With an easel and paints it bypasses virtually all the Carpathian Mountains - virtually all of his landscapes painted from nature, even ate were written in the studio. Phenomenal Memory Art, sea studies, which for him was important to just pass some state. And great work, amazing, radiant - as the sum total of these campaigns and studies.
For a long artistic life of Anton Kashshaya his paintings have traveled around the world. Today, his paintings are represented in many galleries and museums - the Tretyakov Gallery, the Pushkin Museum in Kiev Museum of Fine Arts, virtually all the regional museums of Ukraine and in Ukrainian museums and galleries in America, Canada, Japan, Italy, Norway, Hungary Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania. In Canada, in Toronto there is a personal gallery of the artist.
Anton Kashshay dignity took the baton from his older mentor teachers. Not only did he himself brought in the Transcarpathian unique canvas art school, but also spiritually enriched it significantly expanded its geographic scope. He has personally trained a galaxy of young Transcarpathian artists - a new generation of artists that the next phase of continued development of this unique phenomenon.
Man of great temperament, Anton Kashshay more than 15 years as head of Transcarpathian regional organization of the Union of Artists of Ukraine (since 1961). He did a lot for the artists, support them - knocked flat, workshops, provided art supplies, logistical support, send paintings to various exhibitions, helped with the catalogs, sending artists and their families on vacation, and organized open-air home and abroad. Today, the name of AM Kashshaya called the Union of Independent Transcarpathian artists. At the same time he worked a lot, wrote a lot - he got a real pleasure to work with all my heart and admired the beauty of the Carpathian landscapes.
Anton Kashshay was a man of extraordinary and bright. He zapalyal his joyous energy and optimism all around. In the circle of contemporaries, he stood out, according to the recollections of many "European" and secular charm, and his paintings - the inner freedom and a bright powerful force. He was a "man of peace," had many friends - he was very friendly with Gabriel Gluck, Adalbert Borecki, Zoltan Sholtes, Tatiana Yablonska, the family of the writer Oleynik is known about the warm relationship with the artist Rockwell Kent, Tour Heerdalom. His house was always full of guests - from very famous people to young, no one was not yet known artists. He was hospitable and sincere man. But above all, his name is, of course, everyone knew and know today in the Carpathian region - from loggers and cheese-makers, to the shepherds and the railroad. The artist's canvases are a priceless artistic heritage of Ukraine, and his name symbolizes one of the brightest pages of Ukrainian landscape painting.

- 1946 - Member of the Union of Artists of USSR
- 1960 - awarded the title of Honored Artist
- 1964 - awarded the title People's Artist of USSR

(From an article about the author G. Ostrovsky, E. Kashshay) [/QUOTE]
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