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You heard the thrushes sing

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the Blackbird is a small bird of the passerine widely distributed in Eurasia and America. Blackbirds are not afraid of frost, so fly, nesting very early, leaving later than the other species of birds, and the abundance of food remain to winter in temperate latitudes. It"s songbirds, and unmatched singers are black and song thrush.

Birds nest in separate pairs or in colonies, depending on the weather can put 2 walls. In a brood varies from 3 to 7 Chicks. Blackbirds feed on various insects, spiders and worms in the harvest period will not abandon fruits and berries. The earth moves in steps or jumps, highly raised tail.

photo thrushes look very different: the genus of true thrushes belongs to the family Drozdov and forms 62 species of birds with a variety of coat color of.

Bird, known for its slow, melodic song, where the low trills and clear whistles interspersed with onomatopoeia other birds.
the value of the song thrush is from 21 to 25 cm with a weight of 55 – 100 Back, tail and crown of the birds painted in chocolate-коричневый color with gray bloom.

pevchij_drozd_01 (700x553, 139Kb)

White belly and yellowish breast studded with distinct brown streaks. Males and females of the species look the same.
Song thrush is widely distributed in most countries of Europe, Asia Minor and Siberia. Birds settle in a variety of habitats, but prefer forests and forest-steppes with a predominance of spruce, fir and juniper.

pevchij_drozd_03 (700x453, 71Kb)

nesting the first arriving males. A pair is formed after the mating ritual, when the male with ruffled feathers and jumps around the female, and she answers him in the same dance. The nest is built on small trees. Their eggs are distinguished by bright-голубым color in rare speckled. In the nest varies from 3 to 6 eggs, some couples give birth 2 times per season.

mistle thrush
This large thrush, a length of 27 cm and weight around 140 g With a mean mistle thrush is similar to the same speckled song thrush. The back birds are colored gray-бурый color, the belly white with brown streaks, the underwings are also white. Females and males are colored the same.

drozd_derjaba_01 (700x465, 54Kb)

members of the species nesting in parks, squares and forests of Central Europe, wintering in the South-западе Europe. Mistle thrushes are omnivorous, their diet is insects and their larvae, molluscs, berries and fruits. But the main food of birds – earthworms and polyparasitic shrub mistletoe, which obliged durabe its spread.
drozd_derjaba_02 (700x525, 132Kb)

mistle thrushes build nests high above the ground, in the forks of thick branches. The clutch can be from 4 to 6 light eggs which are incubated by 14 days. After another 2 weeks the Chicks are fully fledged, but still some time fed by the parents.

Bird called bilobrova Drozd, Drozd-ореховник and just Redwing.
members of the species are easily distinguished by the broad pale-желтым" бровям", which is particularly noticeable in the photo дрозда-белобровика.
Area covers Northern Europe and Asia to wintering birds fly South, all the way to Africa.

chernyj_belobrovik_01 (700x557, 116Kb)

the length of the Redwing is about 22 cm with a body weight up to 60 g. Spin birds olive-бурая with streaks. The belly is lighter, the underwing coverts and the lateral surface of the chest is painted in rusty-рыжий color.
Redwing Settle in light deciduous forests with dominance of birch and spruce woodland, thick old forests avoid. The birds " diet includes insects and earthworms.

chernyj_belobrovik_02 (700x501, 111Kb)

the Nest of the Redwing are always located close to the earth, on the lower branches of bushes, thickets of grass and mouldering stumps.
Ragbrai Blackbird
This is a typical inhabitant of South America from Uruguay to Bolivia, as well as the official symbol of Brazil. Sizebruce thrushes overwinter in the tropics, and with the onset of heat, migrate into the temperate latitudes.

ryzhebruhij_drozd_02 (700x530, 89Kb)

the body length of the bird is about 25 cm Females and males are colored in the same brown color with rusty-красным belly and white throat. The beak of the yellow bird, some species have around the eyes are yellow circles.
ryzhebruhij_drozd_11 (700x525, 28Kb)

Diet risebrough Drozdov equally includes insects and worms, and fruits of many tropical plants. Eating guava, papaya, cherries and oranges birds spit out undigested seeds, thereby extending fruit plants.
One of the most common species of thrushes, the area of which passes through all countries of Europe, Central Asia and North Africa.
Painted Fieldfare variegated: the head and uppertail are grey, back brown, underwings and belly white, the breast covered with bright streaks. It is a large thrush with a body length of 25 – 28 cm and weighing up to 130 g.

drozd_rjabinnik_04 (700x617, 153Kb)

unlike most families, the fieldfares nest not singly, but in colonies of 30 – 40 pairs, built nests on the edges of forests and in parks. The clutch contains 4 to 7 pale green eggs in brown spots. For the season, the pair manages to breed 2 times.
Its name, the birds were thanks to the collective eating of a Mature mountain ash. Members of the species are quite warlike and defending yourself or posterity, swoop down upon humans and animals or free-fire at uninvited guests dung.

drozd_rjabinnik_06 (700x600, 112Kb)

well, Turdus migratorius

These birds live and nest throughout North America and are common inhabitants of gardens and parks. Individual members of the species sometimes observed in Europe. The value of adult birds 20 – 28 cm, weighing about 77 g. the Head, back, tail and upper wings are painted in black or dark-серый color. The abdomen and chest red-оранжевые white throat.

stranstvujuschij_drozd_01 (700x500, 93Kb)

Eyes outlined with a dashed white ring, which is clearly seen in the photo of the Blackbird. During the breeding basis of the diet are all sorts of beetles, ants and butterflies. Autumn is dominated by sumac berries, cherries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries. For bird nest choose the fork of trees, thick bushes or niches of buildings, located no more than 7 m above the ground. The clutch can be from 3 to 6 pure blue eggs. Depending on the weather a couple can breed 3 times in a season.

stranstvujuschij_drozd_02 (700x500, 54Kb)

Duo thrush and the Nightingale

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