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All my life Alfred Sisley methodically continued to write his calm, lyrical landscapes. His serene, pleasant, light painting has become an important part of the impressionist movement. But the public didn"t understand them and therefore did not buy.

" Сена in Argenteuil", 1872

Sisley Paintings compare with meditation and it"s true @- his landscapes are not striking, but fill the soul with its calmness and ease.

Landscapes you can scrutinize, noting the beauty of the blue sky, the water, who so loved to portray the great impressionist Alfred Sisley.

" Ветреный day in Vienna", 1882

for a Long time after Alfred Sisley painting, it financially helped his father, though did not take his Hobbies. But when the son married Eugenie Lekotek, he stopped to help her son. Since then, the life of the artist will be in poverty until his death.

Life quite harshly treated with a stunning landscape. Winter at the age of sixty years, having survived his wife only a year, he quietly left. The only request to his old friend Monet was kindly cared for his son Pierre and daughter Jeanne.

Claude Monet organized an exhibition-распродажу paintings, his works, Pierre Auguste Renoir and Edgar Degas. The money was given to children unrecognized by Alfred Sisley. And after a year painting" Наводнение in Long-Марли", buy Isaac de Camondo, paying 43 thousand francs.

"Мороз in Louveciennes",1873


Sea-сюр-Луэн, 1881

"Дорога in Vienna-Надон spring", 1885

"Баржи near Saint-Маммес", 1885

Фруктовый сад весной

Fruit garden in spring", 1881

"Туман on the coast of Wales", 1887

"Дождь in Moreh-сюр-Луан", 1888

"Прачки in Moreh-сюр-Луан", 1888

"Мост at Moret in the morning sun",1888

"Утиный pond", 1875

"Канал du Loing in spring, morning", 1897

it Will take another century, and the auction" Сотбис" sell multiple paintings of the great Maestro. Among them is a picture" Утиный pond" almost 2.5 million, and" Канал du Loing in spring" for $ 3.5 million.

" Тропинка on the shore in the evening near Sayura in Normandy", 1894


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