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"Скелеты" Pushkin family

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skeletons in the family closet: one of the ancestors of Pushkin was a Russian Othello, and who the Marquis de Sade

At school lessons of the literature on the poets and their families decided to speak only in a positive context. About the dark secrets concealed, so as not to confuse children"s minds. And in fact, in the history of the family of the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin would be to remove the exciting serial Thriller.

Othello Russian spill

the poet"s great-Grandfather on the paternal side, Alexander, according to his service, was forced to live away from the family, in Saint-Петербурге, to the extent possible visiting his wife, who lived with her two children in Moscow. In 1725, the supply officer of the Preobrazhensky regiment, A. P., Pushkin was allowed to take a vacation for a year.

Happy father and husband back into the bosom of the family. He wanted to see the joyful wife, missed his second half, however, his dreams did not come true. Avdotya Ivanovna met her husband coolly. Nevertheless, they behaved as an exemplary married couple and did not give cause for gossip.

Christian Kohler," Othello"

Suddenly, Alexander fell ill — his heart ached, breathing was difficult, began vomiting, and later — with blood. Most of these symptoms fit the description of panic attacks. After the patient was relieved, he began to show signs of serious nervous disorder. He began to suspect everyone around that it wants to send to the light, tried to leave home. Paranoid psychosis has gone so far that the great-grandfather of the poet would be asked to give his Dragoons to guard.

Avdotya Ivanovna turned to local healers and that played a fatal role in its destiny. Alexander Petrovich decided that it wants to poison. At the peak of acute disease he had hallucinations, one of which he saw the sorcerer, Ananias at the bedside of his wife. Pushkin attacked with a knife at a pregnant Avdotya and killed her. It happened 17 December 1725.

the Killer was arrested, but because of his painful condition was released on bail of brothers. In February 1726, that is, after a couple of months after the murder, he died. Two children of Alexander Petrovich Pushkin, Leo and Mary, was placed into the custody of their maternal grandfather.

Apple from the tree

Lev was terribly jealous. He married Maria voejkovoj, he tortured her for his volatile temper, suspiciousness and cruelty.

One time in the house of Pushkin worked as a tutor Venetian harlampi, Mercade. He was a teacher of Greek and Italian children of Lev Alexandrovich and then moved to serve the brother of his wife, A. M. Voeikova. It is not known whether actually cheating, or is it just a figment of the inflamed imagination of L. A. Pushkin, but jealous and conspired with brother-in-law to punish the handsome-гувернера. Beating teachers to death, they put him under arrest in the village of Voeikov. The victim managed to escape from the home of the prison and handed to the offenders in a military court.


In the words of poet, Mary died, being trapped in the estate. But it"s just a family legend, as well as that of a tutor hanged in the backyard. After all, a year later, after the trial, Mary was born another child. Died the first wife of Lev Alexandrovich at the age of thirty.

the Second time jealous married" prestart": O. V. Chicherin, who was not married to 27 years, it was believed in those years a really bad bride. The beauty of the girl did not Shine, as five of her sisters remained spinsters. In this marriage of Olga and Leo Pushkin was born 4 children, one of whom, Sergei, became the father of the Russian genius.

the First wife of Abram Petrovich

Black brothers Abram and Alex were purchased in Constantinople and presented to Peter I. senior Alexis little is known, but Ibrahim-Абрам has earned its place in history. He was a favourite of the king, starting his career as a drummer in the Preobrazhensky regiment, and service left, being already the chief military engineer of the state.

the First wife of Abram Petrovich became Evdokia Dioper. Husband Greek girl did not love and marriage was not happy, as they had already chosen a fiancé — officer Kaisarova street. Abraham was a black man, a serf, and at the time of wedding he was already 40 years old. That is, married Arap well stricken in those days age and it was clearly not his dignity.

Bust of Abram Hannibal

After the wedding, my husband took Greek in Pernov (pärnu) — boring provincial town. A girl a few months after the wedding, a paramour, a certain Jacob Shishkov. Husband-рогоносец learned about it from rumors and gossip, has achieved recognition of the wife"s adultery.

this is how in 1877, the story of Opatovec S. E. in his book" Russkaya Starina":
" complaining of his subordinates, Hannibal began and for the wife, and the bad become poor. He put her strong, reliable guard, and repeatedly took her into his chambers. There, in the walls, above the growth of human, screwed were the rings. Was put there hands miserable and her body hung in the air. The room prepared was whip, whip, whip and the husband" beat and tortured the unfortunate fatal beating unusual", forcing her to be on the court when interrogation has shown that" with the conductor Shishkov, wanted, Hannibal, poison, and him, Shishkov, fornication repaired".

After the inquest the wife of a jealous man sent to the Hospital yard. Hannibal had to pay for its contents, but refused to do so, so the young man was starving, freezing, and dreaming of revenge.

Hannibal-двоеженец and illegitimate children

Abram Petrovich had not suffered long, and soon began to cohabit with christinai-Региной von sjöberg — daughter of the captain. They one by one began to be born children, and the Negro began to think about the future of their offspring. For this it was necessary to conclude a formal marriage with Christinas. In 1736, when the court case Eudocia was not yet closed, Hannibal and his mistress married priest Peter Ilyin. So godson of Peter was a bigamist.

First wife was vindictive, which is not surprising, given how she was treated Abram Petrovich. In order to obtain a divorce, he ordered the officers to commit publicly beating women with whips in the eyes of Pernov, then send to Spinning the yard," forever".

Portrait of Abram Petrovich

Evdokia filed a petition to have her transferred to St-Петербург, where he wrote a petition in which he claimed that he had slandered himself from-за beatings. The Greek woman was released on bail to her friends on Vasilievsky island. On the same island lived and Abram Petrovich, who reported on every step of his first wife.

And the report was about. A woman hungry for love and affection, came together with an apprentice and became pregnant by him. Abram Petrovich wrote a letter to her. Paperwork lasted from 1732 to 1753. More than two decades, the fate of Eudoxia and Christina. In the end, the Consistory decided the first marriage annulled, second to accept as valid, Hannibal assign monetary penalties and penance, and the unfortunate Greek exiled to the Staraya Ladoga monastery.

Abram Petrovich lived with his second wife a long and happy life. In this marriage he had 11 children and the last child was born when African great-grandfather of Alexander Pushkin was 70 years old.

another bigamist

1773 Osip Abramovich Hannibal took a wife Maria Pushkin. The grandfather of the poet married a girl who has been threatened to remain a spinster because of not a young age. From this marriage two children were born, of whom survived only a first daughter, the future mother of Alexander Pushkin.

Maria Alekseevna Pushkina, the wife of Osip Hannibal

Osip Abramovich got into debt, lost interest to his wife and easily buried it when he needed to marry his new passion @the mdas Ustine Fat. Lovelace said was widowed. By the way, his new wife, a descendant of African bigamist owes 27,000 rubles.

the Deception was discovered, and the second marriage void, the bigamist" was sent to the galleys", that is sent to serve in the Navy, who at that time fought in the Russo-турецкой war. Upon return son Hannibal lived in his estate, consoling caresses of peasant serfs. Them, according to contemporaries, he had a harem.

Pushkin in childhood

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