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Meeting with a Genius

Запись от Olga777 размещена 26.04.2014 в 16:28

Say : "Walked out the movie about ..." - too loud for amateur photography , treated in a home studio . And yet ...
This is the first live recording of man, of which ( and, more importantly , about whose works ) will , I know , a lot of talk, debate , admire and groan " where we were before ." And then this amateur photography becomes something more than just a record to view .
Filmed Alexey Artemov September 22, 2012 in Penza. People who came to the show - a simple, " no perverts " art people - workers, teachers, engineers . Who is this movie? Especially for those who are looking . Who has not resigned , did not give the circumstances of life are not too sympathetic to the creative person , talented man . And of course for those , I hope , that have the power to dispose of our culture , something that depends on and which are obliged to look like that because of their commitments.

Unfortunately, the film had to be cut into three parts because of the size .

The first part of the movie here : http://youtu.be/yg4i-MI_rN0

The second part of the movie here : http://youtu.be/plQbybalVRc

The third part of the movie here : http://youtu.be/aTB5NGJqUPM

Artist's website here : http://valentinmassov.wix.com/lightart
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