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Belarusian artist Matyushonok Shpol'skii

Запись от Kurdeko размещена 05.05.2012 в 13:42

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen!
I would like to acquaint you with the work of my Master, the Belarusian artist Matyushonkom Shpol'skii. The man who will always remain for me the bright, talented, spiritual teacher. The man who opened a studio and teaches children to draw, develop in them a sense of beauty, spirituality, morality. The man, who for ten years in the studio was never picked up a penny from the parents of their students. They were brought up and trained a large number of kids who came to the academy and higher education art institutions of Belarus and Russia. And this time, many of them have great success!

Edward V. Matyushonok
Edward Uladzіmіravіch Matsyushonak

He was born March 7, 1958 in the village Mnyuta Glubokoye-2 district, Vitebsk region. Since childhood, determined desire to understand the human soul, the desire to unravel the mysteries of nature.
- In 1973 graduated from the 8-year-old school
- In 1979 - 1984 GG learned in the Vitebsk Pedagogical Institute at the Fine Art Department
- In 1984 the family lived and worked in Vilejka Minsk region in the gymnasium № 1 "Logos," teaches world culture and drawing, manages the studio "Rainbow"
- Since 1986, the active creative work begins. Participates in international, national and regional exhibitions
- In 1989 admitted to the Youth Department at the Union of Artists.
Held over 15 solo exhibitions, both in Belarus and abroad.
His works are in private collections in the USA and Germany.

Motto: "Every moment, as well as soul, unique. Take care of it."

Catalog of works

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