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Cossack songs

Запись от imyarek размещена 04.12.2011 в 08:12

Collection Cossack songs, Orenburg and Don forces.
(From the collection of the centurion Myakutina, etc.)

On the Cossack songs

Cossack songs - part of an all-Russian (or the whole Ukraine, when it comes to Zaporozhets) singing folk heritage, but they are based on a worldview that is fundamentally different from "normal" ("non-Cossack" - say "farm") world, and that by the Cossacks subsequently been lost, but for a long time continued to live in folklore. In fact, the Cossacks - is fundamentally different, alternative way of development of Russian (Ukrainian) culture and society, tragically interrupted in the XVIII century and two centuries lived in Nekrasov movement. You can call it as you like - "free," "ideal," "utopian," "predatory" or "absurd" and so forth, but the fact remains that he was. And it could be the embodiment of not only the Cossacks.

For the Cossacks (referring to the free Cossacks - XVI-XVII centuries). Motherland character - it does not land, as for "ordinary people". Symbol of the country and a symbol of freedom for them to merge into a single image - a river or the sea (Don, Kuban, Terek, Black Sea). The river fed them, protected, was the home and the road. Even when liberty was lost, the tradition of the names of the Cossack troops on behalf of the rivers or lakes persisted (Semirechenskaya, Trans-Baikal troops), it remained in exile in the Cossack nekrasovtsev - "maynostsy" on the lake. Maynos. And one more permanent symbol - a ship sailing on the river. Ship as the motherland. And their rights to the river, and this freedom of the Cossacks considered natural, no doubt. There is even a folk justification: the legend of how Ivan the Terrible in exchange for "grants" Don Cossacks (or Terek), and this tradition was perceived as the truth.

In the songs of the Cossacks, more than anyone's songs reflect not the real world and the world is perfect, "Cossack," "right," "fair": Cossack range of decision-making, elected chieftains, these features are then picked songs Razinschiny and Pugachev - movements, stepped the boundaries of the Cossack community. According to historical songs of the Cossacks restores almost meaningless story: the real story there is ignored: the folklore Ermak never going to Siberia, he could be near Azov, a Turkish prisoner, Ivan the Terrible - where he "needs" the Cossacks, and not the real story. Nekrasovtsy brought this to the absolute principle: no other history than folklore Nekrasov, they did not exist on all the songs are not involved in nekrasovtsam characters - Razin, Ivan the Terrible, and so forth - were considered "Besednov" seriously and not be perceived. But with all this Cossack utopia real, practicable "here and now" - to Razin Astrakhan or Nekrasov Kuban - this is not an abstract mystical "City of Kitezh" or "Belovodye" splitters. Reasonably possible the ideal world. You can create it by hand.

And sometimes it seems to be long forgotten perception of the world suddenly bursts into the present and puts it on their rights: as Gaydamak, Makhno carts or Prague barricades ... Probably because it is only natural - and therefore "unavoidably, by definition," ...
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