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New Year's show.

Запись от Luciana размещена 16.11.2011 в 19:16

4D Christmas Show "Red Nick and studio miracles," which premieres will take place in the "Olympic" from December 29 to January 8 , has already earned the title of the most high-tech New Year show coming season . But to stop the progress , it seems , no one is going . - The show continues to grow into new parts and actors.
This time the creators of the show the team joined the famous American artist Zeb Love (Zeb Love). Despite her young age , he had become famous for his work to show clearance of such international celebrities as Robert Plant, Avril Lavigne, Tony Bennett , Liza Minnelli, Joan Rivers , Billy Idol , the band Scorpions and many others.
 In his inimitable style of the author , he created for the future show a gallery of portraits of world famous explorers and inventors of different centuries - from Christopher Columbus and Ferdinand Magellan, to Nikola Tesla and Amelia Earhart.
 During the show the portraits of great men in turning an idea of ​​human possibilities reincarnated in the giant projections and will be available to see in minute detail.
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