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The project "Colors and sounds" educational-просветительский resource

Posted 02-07-2020 at 05:46 by Про искусство

Friends, recently at the invitation of the national Association of teachers of Russian language and literature (AZUL), I participated as a speaker-преподавателя in the educational program of additional professional education. The program focuses on the development of professional competences of teachers of Russian language and literature, Russian as a foreign language and specialists in the field of support and promotion of reading. In his fifty minute speech, I spoke in detail about...
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Ballet "Жар-птица" - "чудо delightful balance between movements, sounds and forms"

Posted 01-07-2020 at 16:06 by Про искусство

25 June 1910 at the Paris Grand-опера
premiere of Igor Stravinsky"s ballet" Жар-птица"


the history of the ballet and performances.

Ballet" Жар-птица" is one of the early works of Igor Stravinsky and the first ballet on a Russian theme in the entreprise prominent organizer" Русских seasons" in Paris by Sergei Diaghilev.

the Idea of creating works for the stage such subjects arose among artists, theatrical...
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Masterpieces of Russian painting at the "Красках and sounds"

Posted 30-06-2020 at 19:54 by Про искусство

Friends, some time ago, we began to assemble a new collection of our smolikau (clips) dedicated to selected masterpieces of Russian painting. In the video only one picture someone-то of the outstanding Russian painters.1. Surikov Vasily Ivanovich (1848-1916)" Утро of the Streltsy execution"the Plot is linked with the historical events of the late seventeenth century — suppression by Peter the great Streltsy uprising of 1698 and the execution of the rebel Musketeers. The painting is exhibited...
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Fantastically fabulous music

Posted 27-06-2020 at 21:14 by Про искусство

Anatoly Lyadov (composer) "Дайте me dragon, fairytale, Goblin, give what not! From realism it makes me sick from all human!"

Firm" Мелодия" released a digital album of music written for the fabulous and fantastic stories.

This music takes the listener into a world of dreams and reflects deep-rooted in the last century the attitude to the tale, when she was perceived as a window into another – true – world.
Tales, legends, myths, fiction... why they have always...
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Porcelain - biscuit

Posted 27-06-2020 at 09:03 by Про искусство

White unglazed porcelain, fired only one-два times call @ - a biscuit.

For the manufacture of detergent cake is not from-за its porous structure. But as a matte and slightly rough surface gives it a resemblance with the best white marble from which the ancient Greeks and Romans sculpted their statues, starting from the XVIII century, it is widely used by sculptors in the manufacture of statues and interior decorations under the" marble".

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