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Days of the Permian Culture opened in St. Petersburg

Запись от Марат Гельман размещена 10.11.2010 в 12:55

REGNUM : Days of Culture of the Perm opened in St. Petersburg

Echo Peter
Start program will give two performances of one of the major musical centers in the country - Perm Opera and Ballet. Fans of opera on the stage of the Mikhailovsky Theatre will see "A Day in Life of Ivan Denisovich" by Alexander Tchaikovsky, and "Christ" directed by Anton Rubinstein George Isahakian.

On tour to St. Petersburg also come Yevgeny Panfilov Ballet. This theater will play Casting Off ("Rejection"), who won the Golden Mask 2009 ", and the ballet La Valse reason for the dizziness," delivered by Eugene Panfilov in 1991 and restored several years ago after his tragic death.
< br /> They will see the St. Petersburg and the work of the two theaters of Perm. "Theatre-Theatre will present the musical" Dr. Zhivago "and theater scene, Hammer led by Edward Boyakova show three experimental works -" The Chukchi, "" communicants "and" Poetic evening Vera Pavlova ".

Exhibition Program Permian Days open exhibition of video art "Vision of the Museum of Modern Art PERMM. PERMM also present the exhibition "Portraits of the unknown", "People's Choice" and installing "Expedition".

Perm art gallery in the Central Museum of Communications introduces Popov St. Petersburg with the project "Perm variant of futurism as a sign of global dynamics." It will show the work of artist Peter Subbotin-Permyak (1886 - 1923). Spectators will see thumbnails of festive decoration of Moscow for the anniversary of the Red Army in 1919, as well as a sketch from nature and abstract avant-garde paintings and ink pen.


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