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"Last Day". Mysteries pastels V.E.Borisova-Musatov

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Interesting article on attribution. (EA)
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EN Belonovich, I. Proletkin. Saratov State Art Museum named after AN Radishcheva.
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In the artist's VE Borisov-Musatov bed occupies a special place. These pearls of museum collections of Russia pastels Romance, 1900 Archangel Art Museum, "The Sleeping Girl, 1901 Astrakhan Picture Gallery," The lady in a crinoline, 1901-1903, the Kirov Regional Art Museum, "the lady in the tapestry, 1903, "Under the shade of the pines, 1904," Avenue Park ", 1904, State Tretyakov Gallery. By pastels VE Borisov-Musatov addressed before the end of his life. Line up this series of works by the artist, to specify the time and circumstances of their creation - all the same, that lay a complex mosaic. In fact, the artists, not always by signing and dating their own work, unwittingly create for future research this complicated puzzle. And the solution to, the nomination based versions dating works depicted on these places and people, in something akin to detective fiction with an essential element of time travel.
XXI century gave us a wonderful tool for finding relevant information - the Internet. This search does not replace or supersede the traditional rigorous work in museum collections and research archives, but the results, sometimes give rise to interesting research subjects and scientific contacts. (1)

The end of 2005 on the website www.artsalon.ru found unknown to us hitherto image works VE Borisov-Musatov, which we sincerely rejoiced, expressing different ideas and assumptions. Six months later at the famous Sotheby's work was offered for sale with more detailed information about her, but her image was broadcast much larger. So we learned that this pastel titled "Last Day", it has the dimensions 43h57 cm, which, incidentally, is characteristic of several known pastels Borisov-Musatov.
Naturally, such an event such as an international auction of first-rate works of Russian art was considerable discussion in the press: "Extremely rare in the sale of the famous symbolist-goluborozovets V. Borisov-Musatov. His painting "The Last Day" (43h57, 1903) first put up for sale. The canvas was purchased directly from the artist in 1904, B. Napravnik, the son of Russian conductor and composer Edward Napravnik, and since then remained in the family collection. (2)

Another finding in our online search was not previously known to us "picture in picture" Zinaida Serebryakova "Portrait of Maria Georgievna Napravnik" 1908-1917. from the collection of Chuvash State Art Museum, where the young woman depicted on a background of pastel VE Borisov-Musatov "Last Day".
An exciting history of the attribution of this portrait we learned from the article that museum staff member Anastasia Grigorieva "The puzzle pictures ZE Serebryakova "site" Cultural provider of Chuvashia. http://www.culture21.ru/News.aspx?or...5&id=96447
Painting came to the museum in 1979, and its main mystery was emblazoned on her person, the original attribution of which turned out to be wrong. On the question of identification, shown in the portrait of the museum staff returned in 2003, and largely re-passed the necessary research path. In his version was born, that is a portrait of Mary Georgievna Napravnik, the wife of one of the sons of the composer Vladimir. This version has become final, and complete attribution after it became known to Sotheby's auction catalog information.

It is very important evidence about the origin pictures of families Napravnik brings us having the nature of the source of well-known monograph by NN Wrangel "Borisov-Musatov" 1916 S. St. Petersburg, where in the attached list of works of the artist mentioned: "1903" Last Day "(VE Napravnik, Petrograd).

Bed "Last Day", as can be judged, an excellent finished product VE Borisov-Musatov. She has all the best features of the artist's creativity: the harmony of man and nature, lyrical mood, total lack of fuss. The audience seemed to be immersed in the flavors of summer freshness of the evening, could not help thinking: "to renew, continue the charm ...".
The very structure of the stylistic gives food for setting various research questions. Mysteries lurk in the very title of "Last Day", and its date of its creation.
Bed dates to the year 1903. But how do we know? Signed by the author himself, or whether this kind of long an established dating work? If the artist himself signed the work, then we are faced with the problem more accurately determine the time and place of its establishment in the overall number of works by the artist, written in 1903. Nostalgia Is it for Saratov Zubrilovka Manor, home Saratov sketch before the upcoming trip in the summer of 1903 in the town Khvalynsk or just a fantasy author, and does with anything not related? But if the author is not dating? Then the question of time and place of creation of this work becomes even more urgent.

Comparison of images from other works of the artist can speculate that the bed could have been written later - in the next 1904. In mid-summer 1904 Borisov-Musatov staying with the family estate near Moscow Vvedenskoe. At the same time there were great artistic company, close VE Borisov-Musatov. In Vvedenskoye artist created the painting "The reflection of the sunset", and later, working on sketches for painting murals Derozhinskoy mistress of the mansion, in the sketch "The Dream of the deity" used the same landscape. Story of two girls walking, their clothes: a yellow dress with ruffles and blue hoops with a cape painting "The reflection of the sunset" and the sketch "The Dream of the deity" is very close to the pastel "Last Day". "Last Day" and "The reflection of the sunset, in spite of various pastels and tempera, are similar in overall color scheme: a reflection of the setting sun gilded the tops of the trees on the lawns there are cool shades of green, from the ground raised the deepening purple twilight.
The main theme of "Last Day" may well be attributed to the artist's favorite subject - the subject estate. For descriptions Vedenskiy known that from the main manor house began a long descent to the Moscow River, and one can assume that on its banks two ladies strolling in the sunset hour. Thus, considering all the details, could be very likely to stay at a very nice version of that bed "Last Day" was also created under the impression estate Vvedenskoe.

To confirm or refute this version we have attracted very popular now in the Internet system of Google Earth - "Earth", which allows you to see through detailed satellite images: nearly every corner of our planet. A careful study of the area Vvedenskoe estate near Moscow, has allowed us to make sure that the place where the picture was written "reflection of the sunset" does not end at the Moscow River, and adjoins a large floodplain lakes. And to the river from a minimum of 200-300 meters. That is, stylistically similar work "The Last Day", apparently written within a different landscape.
Study the terrain still did not give us a definitive yes, soon made the move in our search for more. And, of course, the bright saturated fruitful days spent by the artist in Vvedensky, do not exhaust all the impressions of 1904.

1904 Musatov and his wife Elena Alexandrova met in the town of Podolsk, where the artist moved from Saratov. Podmoskovnie land rich in beautiful park ensemble, and not far from Podolsk in the river Pakhra Ivan's homestead is located, in which the artist and his companions repeatedly visited. It should be noted that researchers have the artist's life for whatever reasons, did not notice those visits, probably more because among Musatovskogo heritage of art, created in Ivanovo also escaped the attention of researchers.
In the luxurious palace ensemble estate Ivanovskoe now houses two museums: the Museum of federal technical schools and local lore. Once again finding: on the Web site of the Museum of vocational education in the materials on the history of the estate Ivanovskoe we found one more unknown to us Musatovsky sketch. Museum staff kindly informed us that their exposure is picture the scene, made from the negative, which is stored in the collections of the Tretyakov Gallery. But, unfortunately, by whom and under what circumstances, is unknown. Now for us it is important to compare the sketch, written in the estate of Ivan's pastel "Last Day".
A characteristic common sign in both works - the presence of the stone grotto. Very similar paths along the river, along the natural slope of a river. Even lower and closer to the water reaches a thick strip of shrubs and trees. These two works almost mirror each other. What can you suggest in this regard? Not whether the estate Ivanovo region is depicted in these works?

To answer this question we found the old plan of the estate and again attracted a system of Google Earth - "Earth" and studied with the help of modern satellite imagery, the area under the manor Ivanovskoe Podolsky.
As in terms of the estate, and at a very detailed satellite imagery shows that the manor house is located quite close to the river Pakhra. By the river is wide clearing that local historians had called "the central parterre. Along the river can be traced not a wide road. The two modern photographs that local photographers "linked" to the system Google Earth compositionally almost repeat sketch of Ivanovo and pastel "Last Day". It is possible that the planning of the architectural ensemble was originally based on the principle of symmetry and the grotto, which is well captured in pastels, natural relief is entered in a steep bank. This cave could be the spring, that is co-opted the release of groundwater.

So, all our online tour can be completed in two findings that bed "Last Day" could be created precisely in 1904 and probably in the estate Ivanovo.
Restore is the true story of the creation of pastel "Last Day" for many years had dropped out of sight of researchers Musatovskogo creativity can be only in the presence of all known information about it, as well as further comparison of the background of the artist.
Finally, we again see that the true work of art is not only of considerable material value, but the value of historic, bringing to us interesting evidence of a bygone era.

In conclusion I would like to add that the era of the Internet in many ways - time to gather stones. Transparency of information allows us to connect the threads, the force of circumstances to explode a hundred and more years ago.

So in the journal "In the world of art» № 10-12 for 1909 at pp. 15 in the text of the article Fedorova "Borisov-Musatov," published by landscape artist with the remark "was killed with an exhibition in America."
At the site of the State Russian Museum for information on passing now from 14 February to 12 May 2008 Exhibition "Time to collect ..." from private collections around the world and this may be "happily resurrected" landscape is really in America, in the collection of Maya and Anatoly Bekkerman, New York. But this is how we think, is quite different internet history.

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The topic interesting (EA): V.E.Borisov-Musatov World Library Network http://www.sgu.ru/ogis/bogo/mat11/mat11- 1.html

1. More information about the museum's permanent monitoring of Internet resources, see Belonovich EN, Proletkin I.V "World Borisov-Musatov XXI Century" //Museum, № 6, 2007; Proletkin IV, Belonovich EN "Artist VE Borisov-Musatov through the prism of the Internet ". Eleventh Annual Conference ADIT, Saratov, 2007, Abstracts.
2. From an article by Dmitry Butkevich "Will Aivazovsky again the most expensive artist" //"Nezavisimaya Gazeta", the heading "antiques", May 26, 2006 to hold the House of Sotheby's auction of three specialized in Russian week in London on May 31, 2006.
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The book "Handbook of the publisher and author of" Arcadia Milchin and Ludmila Cheltsova. Third edition.
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